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Featured New Releases


New Releases:

Life Experience
[Geomagnetic Rec]
powerfully expansive psychedelic full power morning Psy/Goa.

Another Level
[Geomagnetic Rec]
Powerful night Fullon and twilight psy from Sychodelicious.

Goa Records]
The latest full lenth album from Innovation Modification!

Goa Moon v.3
[Goa Records]
Ovnimoon & Dr Spook compile an amazing Double length CD.

Chile Psytrance v.2
Ovnimoon Records]
Ovnimoon Records presents a cosmic Psytrance journey from a country named Chile.

[Ovnimoon Records]
A deep and meditational journey into your mind & soul.

Geomagnetic Distribution Latest Releases:

Quality Sound

Life Experience
powerfully expansive psychedelic full power morning Psy/Goa.

Another Level

Another Level
Powerful night Fullon and twilight psy from Sychodelicious

The latest full lenth album from Innovation Modification!

Goa Moon V.2

Goa Moon v.3
Ovnimoon and Dr Spook compile an amazing Double length fresh new episode with 20 hits full of color and life!

Chile Psytrance v.2
Ovnimoon Records presents a cosmic Psytrance journey from Chile.

A deep and meditational journey into your mind & soul.

Progressive Euphoria
Dr. Spook brings you thisbrand new compilation of amazing progressive that will blow your mind.

Harmony T. Panda explodeswith his 2nd album full of EXOTIC and NASTY cuts!

Boom Energtica
digital Drugs Coalition presents the new full length album from Suntribe!

Shamanic Waves
10 previously unreleased hard hitting unrelenting mind boggling night psy smashers!

Voxel9 presentshis newest full length album on BAssStar Records!

Sanathana is back with a delicately crafted chillout / downtampo album that most definitely is a must have!

GeoMagnetic Family
3D animation Video DVDs set to psy

Geo - Morningstar
Fullon, progressive and goapsy

Geo - Darkstar & Psycircle
Night style and harder fullon psy

Cutting edge sounds from Israel

Bass Star / Dub Star (coming soon)
Breaks, Dubstep, Groovetempo

Goa-Digital / Digital Drugs EP
Digital EPs / Digital only releases

Goa Records
Mainstream goa-trance releases

Digital Drugs Coalition
Fullon and Hard styles of psy

Ovnimoon Records
Full Spectrum EDM Chilean label

Power House
Fullpower prog & Hardhouse

More Quality releases:

[Geomagnetic Rec]
Awesome new album from Jaws Underground.

Music Forever          [Geomagnetic Rec]
get ready for RAZ’s signature sound of dark edged, melodic madness

Raison D'etre
[Goa Records]  
A blasting journey full of classic goa and uplifting trance from 01-N.

Crazy Trips
[Goa Records]
The second album from the Melodic Goa Psytrance mastermind Te-Tuna!

[Ovnimoon Rec]
The eagerly anticipated debut full length album from Barby!

[Ovnimoon Rec]
An ambient meditative relaxation album from Ren Toudu.

 I3D3 (The Remixes
[Digital Drugs]
An epic new compilation from Biokinetix & friends!

Lisbon Calling
[Digital Drugs] Digital a compilation by Dj Juggler and Digitalphase

Hypohektika - Suddenly

Chilldren Of The Blue Ray v2. – Awaken 2013
[BassStar Rec]

Waves Of The Dreamworld
[BassStar Rec]
The debut album from Nov-Sanus (San Francisco/USA)


GeoMagnetic Distro

Spun Records
Detroit/Ibiza/SF based pioneer

Full Melt Records
Dubstep, grime by DJ Ripple

Hearts Eye
Downtempo & chill by Outersect

Soular Records
USA label by Deeper In Zen

Ambient and World groove label

Muti Music
Sf breaks, dubstep by DJ Dov

Chillout and Dubstep by Chlorophil

Warp Brain Records
Usa label founded by Enertopia

Cosmo Sounds
Australian label founded by Tripy

Anomalistic Rec
Eugene, OR based hard psy label

New EPs Released on Beatport (GeoMagnetic Family)




























Also please check out the links on the right side for the complete catalog of digital titles on Beatport. All of our releases are also available on iTunes, Juno, Trackitdown, Amazon, Napster, E-Music and over 50 other digital download sites. Thanks for your support. Buying the music legally keeps us (the label and artists) alive! Make a difference and we continue to provide top notch releases~! =) (Spook)


Beatport Digital Releases

Greece Based hard psy label

Sonic Dragon
Hong Kong based full spectrum label

Digital Drugs Coalition
Dance Music with No Boundaries

Goa Records
Best of The Worlds leading trance

Geomagnetic Records
Geomagnetic, PowerHouse, Basstar

Spun Records
The Worlds leading fullon trance label!

Baba Rec
Austrian all style EDM by Imix

Anomalistic Rec
Eugene, OR based hard psy label

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