Andyflip – Vortex EP

(goaep066) Goa Records

Andyflip – Vortex EP - goaep066


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Andyflip – Vortex EP

Title:                 Vortex EP        
Artist:               Andyflip
Label:               Goa Records/     
Catalogue:         GOAEP066
Format:             Digital Download / CDR
Genre:              Goa / Psychedelic / Trance
Release:           2012 World Wide          

#          Name                                                        Time    Bpm

1          Tathagatagarbha                                   7:23      145
2          Vientos Primaverales                           7:43      145
3          Lost  in Light                                          8:10      145
4          La Ilusion o La Ruedade la                             Existencia Ilusoria                                            7:16      145



Andreas Valdes  a.k.a  Andyflip,  born in Santiago, Chile, is a new psytrance project that borns out from unexplainable necessity of transcending with music the simple and vain idea of art as a representation of personal egos, being this the canalization of visions that trespass the concepts of body and material world.  In love with the genre since 2006, and making music since 2010, it ends up with a live act plenty of psychological variants, and trips between dissociate landscapes and melodic atmospheres full of light and color.
Andreas Valdes  a.k.a  Andyflip, Nacido en Santiago de Chile, Es un Nuevo proyecto de psytrance que nace a partir de una inexplicable necesidad de trascender a travez de música las simples y vanas idealizaciones del arte como representación de egos personales, siendo esta la canalización de ideas y visiones que traspasan los conceptos de cuerpo y materia. Enamorado profundamente del genero en el año 2006 y produciendo desde fines del año 2010, se da como resultado un live act lleno de variantes psicológicas, y paseos que van desde paisajes disociados hasta melodicas atmosferas llenas de luz y color.

Label Profile:  ,

Goa Records is a label founded in 2006 based in California/USA. Focused on finding the very best of the worlds leading underground psy-trance and goa-trance musical hits for compiling into a highly commercialized package suitable for mainstream distribution outlets. Expect a steady stream of high quality, cutting edge releases from this already amazingly popular label. was established in the summer of 2001 by Dr. Spook one of the founders of the prominent San Francisco 3D FX and Multimedia boutique known as Minds Eye Media (est.1995).


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