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Random Robot are Ross Du Bois (Solo aka Random, half of Megadrop, Random Light, Phoenix Family, Chromatone and Random) and Rob Watson (Solo aka Robot, half of M-Field), both natives of San Francisco and veterans of the American psychedelic and progressive trance scene.

A magical spark came from space and inspired these two music producers to create what has become the leading new trance project coming from France. Their music is highly respected by dance floors, top djs, and well supported by numerous leading labels.

Their back! Spun Records is one of the worlds leading psytrance labels having pioneered the sound with leading artists like GMS and Wrecked Machines. Now this CD covers new ground connecting the new generation with the OG leaders

New Releases:

[Morningstar]    Biokinetix (France )
Debut Album

Sly Technology
[Morningstar]    Animalis (Russia )
Debut Album

Waves of the Dreamworld
[BASSstar]              Nov Sanus (Usa)
Debut Album

Black Magic
[Morningstar] Polypheme and friends (France )
Debut Album

MeX-men v.1
[Morningstar] FractalSound (Mexico)
Debut compilation

GeoMagnetic Label Family Latest Releases

Spun On Earth DVD/CD
90 minutes of mind blowing 3D computer animation DVD+CD!

Ride On!
Dr. Hoffman's debut album is melodic uplifitng morning psy with great vibe!

Goa Moon v.2.2
All purpose goa & psy trance compiled by the lead Chilean producer Ovnimoon

Magnetic Memoirs
Hard and Intense night time style music by Delysid aka Wicked Wires

Digital Drugs v.5
German based sister label's latest comp with a focus on fullon/ power psytrance

Enertopia's 3rd album is an Israeli under-ground fullon and goa dance floor hit...

Cosmo Sounds v.1
Australien based sister label of Geo with a full spectrum flavor of psy, progressive and chill

SF Based Lokesh - Breaks, World groove, Techno, Downtempo...

Power House 01
Full Power Progressive & Deep Psy House with a twist of psy mixed & compiled by Dj eNVy

New Atlantis
[Bass-Star Rec] ABDCNT (SF, usa)
Debut Album

GeoMagnetic Family
3D animation Video DVDs set to psy

Fullon, progressive and goapsy

Night style and harder fullon psy

Cutting edge sounds from Israel

Bass Star
Breaks, Dubstep, Groovetempo

Goa-Digital / Digital Drugs EP
Digital EPs / Digital only releases

Goa Records
Mainstream goa-trance releases

Digital Drugs Coalition
Fullon and Hard styles of psy

Cosmo Sounds
Full Spectrum EDM Aussie label

Power House
Fullpower prog & Hardhouse

GeoMagnetic Distribution / Labels New & Coming Soon

Soundaholix Anonymous
[Spun Rec] Legendary Psy pioneers deliver their newest colaboration...

Bay Area Dub Step v.2 [Full Melt Rec]
SF Dubstep and Grime killers compiled by DJ Ripple

Goa Trax v.1
[Goa Rec] DJ Alex (France) and Dr. Spook (SF,Usa) deliver a fullon romp through prog and goa

Kali [Bass Star]
Kail SF presents an eclecti blend of progressive house, chill and groovy rock

Goa Trip v.2 (2 CD)
[Goa Rec] v/a Mix compiled by Dr. Spook complete with a day and night disc

Transatlantic Chill
[Hearts Eye] v/a by Smiley Pixie, Brazilian & Portugese styles of lounge & jazz

Shamanik Concept
[Digital Drugs Coalition] Tripy (Australia) debut album

Chilldren of the B...
[Hearts Eye] Ambient and world groove comp sets the standard for the genre

Livewire Voodoo
[Digital Drugs Coalition] Virtual Light (Canada) debut album

No Way Out
[Morningstar] Ectima aka Zyce + Flegma, (Serbia) deep heavy hard hitting proggy tech trance


GeoMagnetic Distro

Spun Records
Detroit/Ibiza/SF based pioneer

Warp Brain Records
Usa label founded by Enertopia

Cosmo Sounds
Australian label founded by Tripy

Soular Records
USA label by Deeper In Zen

Baba Rec
Austrian all style EDM by Imix

Full Melt Records
Dubstep, grime by DJ Ripple

Muti Music
Sf breaks, dubstep by DJ Dov

Hearts Eye
Downtempo & chill by Outersect

Ambient and World groove label

Chillout and Dubstep by Chlorophil

New EPs Released on GeoMagnetic Label Family

Tune In EP
[Goa Rec] Tetuna

New Directions EP
[Digital Drugs EP] Bratex

Chicken Teriyaki EP
[Goa Records]

Thee Olde Ones EP
[Digital Drugs EP]
Frost Raven

Cartoons EP
[Goa Records]
Dr. Hoffman

5th Countdown Remixes EP
[Digital Drugs EP]

MeteorBurn Remixes EP1
[Goa Records]
Meteor Burn, Micro Scan, Virtual Light...

Alien Chakra EP
[Digital Drugs EP]

Nuclear Sun Remixes 02
[Goa Records]
Virtual Light, Clone, Aya...

One Night EP
[Digital Drugs EP]

Check out these links to the complete catalog of digital EPs

Goa Rec EPs | Digital Drugs EPs | GeoMagnetic EPs (soon)

More Releases

Greece Based hard psy label

Anomalistic Rec
Eugene, OR based hard psy label

Sonic Dragon
Hong Kong based full spectrum label

Linear Flow Music
Chill and Progressive label from SF

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