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5 Flower Powered Dance Music Paradise Zones!

...Friday May 21st 2010...


Galaxy Unknown Rec. & Presents:

Sonic Bloom Gif

Mother Nature Goddesses :
Forest Green (Cute Fang Rec)
Dragn'fly (Strategik)
Dat Girl **LIVE**
Apsara (RED/ Hi’R/
Keys (Acid Totem)
Vs Djulove aka Belinda Lee
Saturnia (Phoenix Family)
Pigtails (Fm Events)

Dubstep Green House:
Zapper **LIVE**
AtomikDog **LIVE**
Ripple (Full Melt)
Reclipse (Tank'd, Trauma, Norcalnights)
Pom Earthsteppa (Los Angeles)
Hedlock (Full Melt)
Dubster Spook (GeoMagnetic, Bass Star)
Dizzy (G.U.R.)
vs Nuke Lukem (Bass Star)

Psychedelic Garden:
Mindstorm ( Spun Rec.)
Sausee (Galaxy Unknown Rec./ Spun Rec.)
Wichdokta (Full Circle, Phoenix Family)
Frost Raven (GeoMagnetic)
Adi (, India)
Nimerix (FM Events)
Psy Lotus (Synchronize)
Shiranui (SINE City)

Growers Lane:
Jays One (B33/ RedBull/ DblStacked Ent.)
Adam Ant (Love Allstars, StillDream)
Infusion (Love Allstars, Evolution Ent.)
Dr. Greenthumb (Higher Conscience/ Apex/ DblStacked Ent.)
Cody (Apex)
Trickster (

Farmers Market:
Bemaniac (Distorted Trauma)
Dan The Man (Apex/ Have Fun Entertainment)
5QR47CH (Love Allstars)
Vs. Cyberfyed (M.O.T.T.S./ OmniEra)
Giuseppe Paolo (Life Support Systems/ NeStar Ent.)
Niko Zografos (FM Events/ Transcend Prod.)
Vs Saphyre (RED SF/ Intergalactic Events)

8pm- 4am
18 and up w/ ID
Full Bar for the 21 +
$20 in line by 9
$25 after
1000 Capacity
Next Level Decorations, Digital Divas GoGo Crew
3 Indoor Stages with Massive Sound Systems!
2 Outside stages over looking the bay.


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Goarec012 – Electrypnose – Magnetic Memoirs 2


Goarec013 – Frost Raven - Thee Olde Ones


Ovnicd001-002 – Monte Mapu Festival v/a 2CD by Ovnimoon


Ovnicd003 – Man Machine – Reintegrate


Digicd018 – Pathogenesis v/a by Wizack Twizack


Digicd019 – MeteorBurn – Stratosphere (Debut Album)


Fmrcd003 – Dubstep Meditations v/a by Dj Ripple


Chronocd001 – Elysium v/a by Chlorophil