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LABO-RAVE: 6 Stage Summer Massive Labor Day Weekend
...Sunday September 5th 2010...




Click the Flyer to go to the FACEBOOK PAGE and RSVP + leave a reply =)

Summer is drawing to a close… The time to party is here! This is your final chance to gather together with ALL your friends one last time before the season ends! Now is the time to celebrate what a great summer its been and to party REALLY wild with your peeps! Geomagnetic Events has gathered the dance music community together once again for a special session on SUNDAY the 5th of SEPTEMBER, LABOR DAY WEEKEND. Since Labor Day Monday is a National Holiday all the schools and official business are all closed down in recognition of this historic day. That means that SUNDAY is a BONUS weekend DAY! =) so we are gonna have a Big Azz BBQ with KEGS and 6 STAGES of DJS featuring every major electronic dance music style under the sun! Starting at 4pm we are blasting out the tunes early. Come early and its FREE before 5pm!!! To keep the whole shindig INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE and IRRESISTABLE the door cover is only $10 till 10PM. That’s right! Also if for some reason that low price is still keeping you on the fence… you can volunteer to help the event (RSVP for VIP staff by Monday Aug 30th).


Geomagnetic Records, FM Events, Full Melt Recordings, Wayside Rec and a dozen other Bay Area dance music crew’s are totally STOKED to present:


LABO – RAVE: 6 Stage Summer Massive Labor Day Weekend


Sunday the 5th of September 2010!

With Room for 2000 18+ party people and a strict rule of not turning people away for lack of funds… *this means that if you dont have money come to the party between 4pm and 5pm to get in free. =)*


You know this is gonna be the legendary end of summer super slam to tell your kids about someday! =)


And for all you hard working college students out there…


"This is the LAST CHANCE to HAVE A BLAST...

...before you GET YOUR ASS IN CLASS!" =)


Special Hosts, GoGo Dancers/Vibe Patrol, VIPs, Paparazi & Silly Folks Include:


Dr.Spook, THE Digital Divaz, Eric n ElliePhant, JackieA, VanGogh, MuffinTop+

(since Spook decided to have a 10 day long B-Day Bash this Sunday's event is the grand finale! =-)


WORLD CLASS LINE UP ON 6 STAGES: (3 outdoor, 3 indoor)


Music Styles Represented include: Trance, Electro, Dubstep, House, Fidget, Hardstyle, DnB, Hardcore, Techno, Psytrance, Chillout, Funky Breaks & More!


Free b4 5pm

$10 b4 10pm

$15 till 12am!


817 Terry Francois Blvd San Francisco, CA

BBQ - Beats - Kegs and drink specials!

4pm - 4am !!!

12 hour blast!


------ LINE UP ----------  CONFIRMED


Electro / Trance (in-up1)

630 David Justin Psybooty
730 C-Kay
830 Aleks
930 Beeson
1030 Blix Cannon
1130 John Beever
1 Jannick Von Rechendorff
2 Niko vs Nimerix

Psytrance (in-up2)

6 Aquaman
7 Manipulation (live pa)
8 Collision
9 Arwin
10 Dizzy vs Trickster
11 Frost Raven
12am Plane Walker (Live)
1 Dr. Spook aka Mindstorm
2 Michael Liu
3 Wichdokta

Dubstep (in down)

4pm Aquaman
5 Trickster
6 Nightcrawler
7 Pillager
8 Product-D
9 Bass Buddah vs. Blanx
10 Luke Nukem
11 Bakir (Spit Brothers)
12am Ripple
1 Reclipse
2 Mykies McFilthy
3 Hedlok vs DubsterSpook

Electro-House (out2)

4pm Spice T
5 Johnny Atom
6 Thomas Phan
7 Wes
8 Clymax
9 Saphyre
10 Black Sheep
11 Andy P
12am Dbot
1 Switch Blade

Hardstuff (out3)

4pm Digital Drugs/Darkstar
5 Sniper aka Reed
6 Dylalien
7 Chicken Man
8 Nightfall
9 Dan The Man
10 Cyberfyed
11 Josh - G
12am Dr Who
1 vs Cody

Chill Step (out1)

4pm LG
5 Wichdokta ReggaDub
6 Tom
7 Kali
8 Chill Alien
9 Nov Sanus
10 Rye Bread
11 Chaos Control
12am Dubsworth Chillstep aka Spit Brothers in Dub
1 Proper



Please Welcome:

Jannick Von Rechendorff  (Trance/FunkyHouse/Electro) [Intll Producer]

(our special guest from Denmark!)

Bringing you the hottest trance and electro from the international circuit!




(from Taos, New Mexico)

Planewalker (psytrance) [Astral Force / Geomagnetic] producer


Chaos Control (downtempo / dubstep) [RDG Music / Waveguild] producer


Our Honored Music Performers and Esteemed Collaborators of all the BEST LOCAL TALENT include:


John Beaver (Trance) [Local Producer]


Dr. Spook aka Dubster Spook (Psytrance / Dubstep) [Local Producer]


Blix Cannon (Trance) [Local Producer/Skills Ent.]


Switch Blade (Electro House) [Zapatistas]


Beeson (Electro) [B33 Events]


Ripple (Dubstep) [Local Producer] {Full Melt Recordings}


Reclipse (Dubstep) [Local Producer]


Hedlok aka Danny Feral (Dubstep/DnB/Fidget)


Mykies Mcfilthy (Dubstep) [Local Producer]


Luke Nukem (Dubstep) [Local Producer]


Aleks aka Municipal Youth (Electro House/Dubstep) [Local Producer]


Andy P (House)


Product D aka Dizzy (Dubstep / Psytrance) [Local Producer]


Josh G (Hardstyle)


Frost Raven (Psytrance / Dubstep / Electro)


Michael Liu (Psytrance / Techno)   


Wichdokta (Psytrance / Reggae)


Nimerix (Trance / Psytrance) [Local Producer]


Niko Zografos (Trance Magic) [FM Events/Inspired Sessions]



C-Kay (Trance) [FM Events/RED SF]


Dr Who vs Cody (Dubstep / DnB / Live MC) [Apex]


Pillager aka Hybridstrain (Dubstep)


Chillalien aka Dylalien aka Fractal Cowboys (Chillout / Psytrance / Dubstep)


dBot  (funky House) [Robot Ears SF / Grape Soda Family]


Clymax (Dubstep / Techhouse / Glitch) [Dub-Auchery/Geomagnetic]


Bass Buddah (Dubstep)


Nightfall (Hard Dance, DnB, House, Hardcore) [0-Music]

DnB: Change the Past

Mixstyle Freestep


SebEjex vs Dj Xplct aka Blacksheep (Tech/Tribal/Electro/Dutch/Bassline/Haus)


Arwin Adams (Psytrance) [Dilated Sound]


Saphyre (trance [Red SF]


Dan The Man (Hardcore)


Cyberfyed (Hard NRG) [MOT]


DJWesV.2 (Electro House) [B33 Events]


Jonny Atom (trance) [Local producer]


Trickster (Trance / Psytrance / Dubstep / Chillout)


Collision (Psytrance)


Justin Psybooty tbc (progressive house / trance) [Psybooty]


Nov Sanus (Chillout / Downtemp)


Rye Bread (Trip Hop/Downtempo/Dubstep) [Revel]


Night Crawler (Dubstep / Chillout)


Chickenman (Psytrance / BBQ)


Dj Aquaman (Psytrance / Dubstep)


Proper (dubstep) [DPR]


LG (Dubstep)





Some folks were asking how the layout of stages will be... so here is the plan! =)   (check the graphic layout attached to the party page...)


we have the Chill-step by the entrance... were pulling the stage back to the glass wall (door) so the whole zone by the front points out towards the water....   Then... in the alcove around the corner at the outside bar under the deck there is another system... also pointing at the water... then on the wood deck there is also a system...


up stairs will be two back to back stages each pointing at the bar's (thats the best way to do it with the least sound bleed) then another downstairs too...


We have tried each of these combos before so we know there is not too much bleed between systems this way.


DJ line up and layout will probably mix some genres on various stages so everyone has a chance to experience each zone. I am working on the line ups as we speak so I will try my best to get them posted soon... =) so much to do in so little time! but its already coming together like CLOCK work! thannks to all the great support and positive feedback from all the DJs, Volunteer Promotion crew, Sound Systems and deco staff... this is realy going to be special! =)




See you all there! =)

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KINESIS  - Beyond The Galaxy


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Vaktun - Memories of Hidden Paradise -

Tetuna - Crazy Trips –                                  

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End Game by Kinesis SPUNCD035/GEOCD053  

Mentalism by Monks of Madness PSYCD002/GEOCD052  

Psychic Chakra II Family of the Phoenix GEOCD048A  

Psychic Chakra III Dreaming of the PhoenixGEOCD048b  


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