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Earth Dance Lupin Lodge - Year of the Woman
Celebrating the power and beauty of women

...Friday Sept 21-Sunday Sept 23, 2012... 


Click to go to the FACEBOOK PAGE and RSVP + leave a reply =)


Earth Dance Lupin Lodge - Year of the Woman
Celebrating the power and beauty of women

A Three Day, Two Night community art & camping festival featuring local bands, groups, visual artists, DJ’s, dancers, and non-food vendors.
We are featuring many female performers on the lineup!!!

On Saturday during this event the Global Ohm for Peace will be occurring and everyone in the event is welcome to participate. For half an hour music will be shut down and everyone on the planet participates in a unified Ohm for the peace and betterment of mankind.

Earthdance has always been a charitable organization, and from this event 50% or profit goes to these charities (more tba):
Earthdance International
Joyful Heart Foundation

http:// earthdancelupinlodge-fb.eve

Tier 1: $70
Tier 2: $80
Tier 3:$100

Tickets will be $120 at the door, limited presales available!!!

Family Friendly, otherwise 18+ ID REQUIRED

Are you a Visual Artist, DJ, local band, Performer, or non-food vendor? Want to get involved with this event?!
Shoot us an email at m!

Want to bring a theme camp to the event?! 
Email m for more info!

Stay Tuned for more lineup & more info!


Reid Speed (Play Me Records, LA) djreidspeed reidspeed PlayMeRecords

K Theory (Live PA)
w/ Drums, Synth, Vocalist, & Visuals ktheory
http:// ktheory

Roommate babylonroommate roommate-babylon-system roommatedubs

Spit Brothers (Live PA w/Full Band)
+ DJ set By Dubsworth pages/The-Spit-Brothers/ 142838482423078 spitbrothers

Ripple fullmeltrecordings
http:// fullmeltrecordings.bandcamp .com/

UltraViolet featuring Oh Blimey LIVE (MalLabel, LA) djultraviolet

Cosmic Selector (TekFreaks, Opulent Temple) cosmic-selector pages/Cosmic-Selector/ 322217764506624

Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple, Dvant Garde, California Dubstep Republic) dulcevitadj

Liam Shy ( Vital SC, liamshy

Frost Raven (Geomagnetic, Ovnimoon Records) frost-raven frostravenmusic

Selector Science (Just Added!!!) pages/selector-science/ 61964641852
http:// www.selectorscience.blogspo

Fire Lieber [All Vinyl Set!!!] fire-lieber

Hopscotch pages/Hopscotch/ 179813922040308

Aire Redtree aireredtree

Non Sequitor djnonsequitur
http:// non_sequitur

Elbereth DJ elbereth djelbereth

Monsta of NYC MonstaNYC

Mr. Brandon (BAE Krew, Dream Team, Zapatistas SF) mrbrandon


Dr. Spook doctorspook-geomagnetic geomagnetic

Harris Pillton youcancallmeharris

Danny Weird 
(San Frandisco, Unorthodox Empire, Madmen, Dream Team) dannyweird

A Fox (Blockhead Ent) a_fox afoxofficial

Younglink (Blockhead Ent) djyounglink

- E-Light - 
- Miss Mari -
- Shataki Bliss - 
- Shawna - 
- Cally Star - 
- Luna xix - 
- Vexia - 
- Bumlurk - 
- Tomcat - 
- Hy Ty - 
- Cereal Killer - 
- DJ8-Tens - 
- Tomkat - 
- Ilixer - 
- DJ K - 
- Father Time - 
- DJ Penguin - 

Philter: djphilter1

Psyamesekat psyamesekat (psybreaks mixes) psyamesekat (progressive, fullon, techno, glitch/midtempo and psybreaks mixes) djpsyamesekat

Mixtress Shazaam djshizaam mixtress-shizaam

Travis Creamer travis-creamer

The Adaptor TheAdapter

Sausee (Galaxy Unknown Rec.) sausee

Bud Vapor (Galaxy Unknown Rec.) bud-vapor

Nightcrawler djnightcrawler

Magik Plan magikplan

Isotope isotope-1

Handsome Dodger (Primitive Science, Apex, HC) supadjera

Ezrok ezrok

Witness (Just Added!!!)

BC1 (Just Added!!!)

Drop Bear (Just Added!!!)

Beats Mode beats-mode

Finger's Crossed fingerscrossedla

Angoscia (Anthony Syfer and Amber Leigh)

DJ Sneakers pages/DJ-Sneakerz

Dj Bias djbiashard

Self Dustrukt self.dustrukt?ref=ts

Bobster Eyeski-ski

-----More being added daily!!!-----


The Holdup theholdupmusic

InDisguise (Just Added!!!)
http:// InDisguiseBand/

Boostive (Just Added!!!) boostive
http:// http:/... boostivemusic user/BOOSTIVEmusic

Smokin Roots Crew smokinrootscrew

The New Position
http:// thenewposition

Exquisite Corps

----- Still lots of bandspace open -----

►Visual Artists::◄

Dustin Derego & the Dream Team pages/Dream-Team-Ent/ 292657310761587

Thérèse Hockel (Hi-Rezolution) therese.hockel

Teej Pleez teejpleez 

2am Art 2AMArt

Visually Natasha tumblelog/attentionlapsed

----- Still lots of artist space open -----

Sarah Edwards (Fans)
Ocean Motion Productions (Bellydancing/Swords)
Bitches On Boxes(dancers)
Isaac Blackwood (Contact Juggling/Spinner/Staff)
Hooping Healers pages/ Hooping-Healers-Hoop-Dance- Troupe-Boutique/ 218038751644714?ref=ts
Do Rights Burlesque

----- Still lots of dance space open -----

Jesse Avalon (Theta Healing Demo)
Omega Cupcake (Harm Reduction/LGBT Awareness)
Denise Eve Echo (Qi Gong)
Tara (Female Empowerment and Spirituality)
Martina Krauss (working with elements)
Cecile Tharese Thompson 

----- Still lots of workshop space available ---- 

Mainstage: (Mother Earth)
We will transform the lodge into a powerful forest of sound. Art and light will permeate the space with the theme of Gaia. Here some headliners will play, some dj's will play, and some musicians will play. Music will be added to the side chill room at ambient levels so you can relax and not miss your favorite artist.

Outdoor Band Stage: (Lake of Linea)
Lanea is a muse of the arts and this stage will exhibit every art you could ask for. Bands and dancers will perform all day long. In the mornings workshops will elevate your being and teach you about the world and equality.

Chill Dome: (Oasis of the Goddess)
The Shelarond Yurt by the pool will be made into a chill dj music stage so that you can relax in the nude only pool with some smooth beats. For a few hours in the early afternoon some more intimate workshops will be taught here as well.

30ft. Dome: (Cave of Equality)
In order to bring you a full dance experience at night, we are bringing an additional dome to create another indoor dance hall. This dome will feature harmony and unity of the sexes. Geomagnetic will be coming back from a hiatus to bring you the awesome music for this stage.

Presented by: 
Electric Family Productions, Eternal Blaze, Lupin Lodge, Geomagnetic, E.P. Audio, Aurorascope, Acacia Beats, Full Circle Productions, Gruntworthy, Higher Conscience, Primitive Science, MOC Event Safety, Blockhead, BAE Crew, Hy Ty, Galaxy Unknown Rec., and Dream Team

►Sound by:◄
§··‹DT3 Sound Werks›··§
§··‹EP Audio›··§

►Lighting by:◄
§··‹Tribal Existence Productions›··§
§··‹Electric Family Productions›··§
§··‹Acacia Beats›··§

§··‹Visuals/3D Mapping by: Zenity Sound Productions zenitysoundproductions›··§

►Safety by:◄
§··‹TAZ Safety›··§

Aud'z & End'z Accessoriez (Attire)
Jackie Brown (Jewelry)