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           BioMagnetic Therapy April 11th 2008 CD Release Party             


Listen to the streaming previews : PLAY BIOMAGNETIC THERAPY MP3, The Phoenix Family and Sophia Healing Center Present:

Friday April 11th 2008 @ The Sophia Healing Center (Haight St.)



Friday, April 11th, 2008

On Friday, April 11th, 2008, GeoMagnetic Records, Phoenix Family, and The Sophia Healing Center are honored to present the long awaited new CD compilation “BioMagnetic Therapy” from our own San Francisco based local artist, Random. In the safety and intimacy of this special venue we gather for a sacred session.

Bio Magnetic Therapy is the scientific process of aligning your bodies’ internal magnetic fields to be attuned to the most efficient and healing frequencies. By attaining this harmonically precise state of being you automatically attain more awareness, higher consciousness and thus a higher potential for human understanding of their place in the universe. Geomagnetic Records presents this international compilation created by DJ/Producer Random for the express purpose of attuning your BIO MAGNETIC FREQUENCIES. He has chosen 10 specific attunement tools to help you maximize your potential and tune yourself and others to this highly desired state of being.

Local performers and djs > (Multigenre)
8pm- A Rare Sighting of  “THE LORAX” Live PA– experiMental abstract ambient
9pm- CHLOROPHIL – groove laden alchemical mixture of mystic tonics
10pm- JOVIS and RAVEN aka SHIVA SUB-CONTRACTOR Live PA –  digerimprove and acoustic awakenings
11pm- CYBERVIXEN – downtempo and uplifting voyage from the DEVA (vote for her in Music Video/Dance)
12am- SATURNIA – ambi-trance excursions through progressive and melodic
1am-  RANDOM – presenting his new CD LIVE
230am- WICHDOKTA – full power therapeutic mental massage
4am- DOCTORSPOOK – goa healing and psy meditational journeys

details >
visual /
interdimensional stretch art / Random
atmosphere and deco / TAO DECO and PSYLOTUS
San Francisco CA // 8pm - 6am // 18+ //

tickets at the door>
$10-$20 ($5 CD/ $5 Hot Tub Pass) At the Door. 18 and up please.

Venue: Sophia Healing Center - 766 Haight Street between Scott and Pierce


We Look Forward to Seeing YOU There! =)

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With Love and Healing =) Doctor Spook-


BioMagnetic Therapy Digital Flyer (JPG)

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