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  08/08/08 Open Up the Gate: Friday, August 8th, 2008  


8-      KONVNDRVM *PA* / rawheaven
9-      SAUSEE / galaxy unknown/goa rec
1030-DOCTORSPOOK / phoenix family/goa records
12-    RANDOM *Going to Europe party* - SanFrancisco / geomagnetic
130-  Frost RAVEN aka Dustin Musser *PA* / geomagnetic
3-      SATURNIA / phoenix family

08/08/08 Open Up the Gate
Friday, August 8th, 2008

On Friday, August 8th 2008 Geomagnetic/Goa Records is helping Sera Phi put on its final blow out party which will be the LAST after hours event at this wonderful family venue.
We will begin the evening with a Sound Healing Concert featuring Mark
Deutsch. Mark studied sitar for many years with sitar master Ustad Imrat Kahn and spent 6 years building his amazing, one of a kind Bazantar. His unique sound will be accompanied by Anandaji and transform you through our 10,000 watt resonating sound floor with surround sound.
The evening will pick up with DJs Lakesh downstairs and Dr. Spook with the Geomagnetic and Goa Records crew upstairs in the black light dance chamber featuring trance, down tempo, minimal techno and more. Chill music will begin after 1:30am
Other Elements:

  • Resonating platform - feel your own tone. Individual sound platform where you can resonate with the frequency of your own voice - and others.
  • Violet Ray Treatments using frequency electricity and Tesla Technology
  • Chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Jon Keller
  • Organic foods & herbal energy cocktails for sale to keep you going all night!
  • Journey through the Black Light dance room and chill space
  • Spinning geometries, crystal sculptures & more!
  • Outdoor Smooking and Poi area
  • Large multi floor/multi room environment full of fabulous fun!
  • video tour

Up Stairs BLACK LIGHT DANCE // psytrance/fullon/progressive/psychill >
RANDOM *Going to Europe party* - SanFrancisco / geomagnetic
DOCTORSPOOK / phoenix family/goa records
Frost RAVEN aka Dustin Musser *PA* / geomagnetic
SAUSEE / galaxy unknown/goa rec
KONVNDRVM *PA* / rawheaven
SATURNIA / phoenix family

Down Stairs SONIC HEALING ORCHESTRA + more // psychill >
MARK DEUTSCH - Marin / byzantar
ANADAJI - SanFrancisco / sera phi
dj D Stevens - SanFrancisco / sera phi
LOKESH– San Jose
CYBERVIXEN *PA* - Marin / geomagnetic  (To Be Confirmed)
The LORAX *PA* - SanFrancisco / geomagnetic (To Be Confirmed)

...more info/timeslots to be announced...

details >
deco / TAO DECO
San Francisco CA // 8pm to 4am // All Ages // SeraPhi Healing Center

tickets >
$17 at the door or $20 includes a full CD.

We look forward to seeing you there! =D~

More info on Mindstorm/Doctorspook’s new DVD “Spun On Earth” (Spun/Geomagnetic Rec) |