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V/A "Vaporize" (cat: vv002)

File: Psychedelic full-on and morning
label: VaporVent
release date: May 2004
Vaporvent, bringing you fresh sounds in trance from the US and Europe.
New School sound from masters in trance. Bringing it in slowly and rising to epic heights then deep down and dirty. Emphasis on a West Coast flavor and serious groove, this comp might just convince you that amazing sounds and psychedelic flavors emanate from north, south, east and WEST.
All tracks are fresh and unreleased.
A fully stomping journey from beginning to end. Watch out for this release.
Track List:
1. Jirah: Essence
2. Quadra: 1/4 mile trails
3. Neuromotor: Women in Control
4. Chromatone: Phantasmal Terrain
5. Random: Smash Wave
6. Penta: None of this is Real (Dj Edit)
7. Chromatone: Entropic Accelerator
8. Mekkanikka Vs. Yohei: Wherehouse Memories
9. Quadra: Eclectic Woggle
10. Jirah: In this Life