Geomagnetic Distribution
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To Join GEOMAGNETIC PROMO/DISTRO  "Get Connected to the USA" offer
1. Send 10 copies of your CD plus $30 or 15 copies of your CD to :
Geomagnetic Promotion/Disitribution
437 Dellbrook Ave
San Francisco CA 94131 USA     
2. We will put your cds into our database and send 5 copies to CD Baby the USA's biggest
independent distribution and fullfillment service as well as send copies around to our USA distribution network of independent cd stores/web sites, chain stores, and direct marketing agents.
3. What do you have to risk?  The cost of shipping and 10-15 cds. To cover the $35 per title
CD Baby sign up fee and the cost of shipping your demos to our stores I ask for $30 or 5 extra copies to sell to raise the cost of entering your title into CD-Baby (usually $35 fee that we cover $5 of)  The cost of 15 cds to you is like $30 ($1.50 per cd and average of $.50 shipping) How to pay? we prefer payments via paypal...   email payment to  email us at if you have questions or want to choose western union or bank transfer as payment option.

4. When will we start to order cds in large quantities and when does the $ start getting paid?
Some of our titles have sold up to 300 copies on CD Baby Alone! This happened over the course of 3 years with an average of 100 selling a year. So with out putting any effort into selling your titles here you can expect to sell 20 - 100 copies. We pay $5-$7 for each cd sold. (depending on how new or how popular of a cd you are offering, we decide when the cds arrive and inform you the value placed on your title as well as the sale price of the title in stores...) You will know that the stores have decided to order and start getting paid when we make our first order. So include all your contact info please.

5. We have a NEW PROGRAM starting if you are an artist or label who wants to do an exchange we will trade 1 for 1 from our catalog to yours.