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PREDATORS is a Greek based project which was born in Athens by two brothers, Andreas (aka Dj Ancestor) and Stavros (aka Dj Dr.Insekt) Kamenidis. They are the premiere Progressive and Psytrance project and the new central European hot spot for the trance movement right now!! Stavros started djing in 1991 and after 5 years developing and mixing different styles of music, psychedelic trance won him over. During those years he played in many parties in Greece, in some of them with Max & Mauri (Etnica),Dj Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records) and other guests or local djs. He is also playing dj sets for, & Whether is a night - morning or warm-up time he is not afraid to use his skills & knowledge and make a set full of psychedelic energy vibes! He studied sound engineering and movie editing and he is now working in both while making music and djing. Andreas started making music in 1997 when his passion for electronic music took all over him!! Till then Stavros was teaching him the Techno philosophy and he was hooked. After that psychedelic trance came into his life and made him start making his own music! In the meanwhile he studied sound engineering & music technology and in 2000 he released his first album called "Predator" (No1 in sales) under the project name "L.O.S" (Legion Of Space) in Eros Music, a Greek record label. After that he had a solo career for a couple of years till the end of 2002... He also works as a sound engineer while making music!! So in January of 2003 they decided to share their knowledge in electronic music and they created the project 'PREDATORS'. They have already released tracks in several labels such of Etnicanet, Kagdila, Geomagnetic, Warp Brain, Hinowa, SUN Project records. So after releasing on top labels from around the world they pulled together all their best new creations to bring us a cosmic 10 track epic...their debut album named 'COSMOS' released from US based record label is a result of a quality level that cant be denied, coupled with pristine mastering at world famous Geomagnetic Studios based in the USA psychedelic capital, San Francisco by veteran producer and proven master engineer Ross (Random) Dubois.