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Arcane Realities is a virtual doorway unto the spiritual collective unconscious, a dimension created and directed by techno-shaman visual artist, Glenn Grillo, aka. Arcane. As Arcane, Glenn designs multi-media digital content for the 21st century. Utilizing advanced technologies that are on the edge of the millennial frontier, he creates virtual landscapes using mind blowing visual content, combining computer animation, video art projection and cinematography in a symbiotic fusion of virtual visual alchemy.

Glenn Grillo has been on the forefront of digital media production within the entertainment industry for the past 10 years. He has worked on a wide variety of projects for tv,film and commercials including work for : Spawn, Cyborg 3, Wings of Courage, The Gate II, The Adventures of Allen Strange,Nissan, Toyota,Nintendo, Dolby, Hewlet Packard, Pinnacle and Xbox.