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Chuck Looper (AKA FaceHead), is one of those "saved by psy-trance" stories.  Shortly after breaking free from a tarnished past a friend took him to his first psychedelic event in 2002.  It changed his life.  Since 1998 Chuck had been djing and producing his own blend of noisy experimental electronic music. After that first party, he went home and immediately started working on his first psy-trance track.  Since then its been an obsession.  Constantly searching for the most unique and bizarre sounds.  FaceHead brings a style all his own that will leave you stomping away with question marks over your heads.  You can expect dark and full-on with a wide variety of influences.  Look for upcoming releases on GeoDarkstar. His third single, Nooscape, will be on the new comp DIGITAL DRUGS 2 preview coming soon. Recently he founded new US based dark-psy label Anomalistic Records.


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