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    Debut album - DIGITAL GUARDIANS out soon!  

Crying freemen is a French psytrance project born in 2006 composed of dj Salva and dj Naya. They have been making music in their respective studios for two years and in 2006 they join forces through their common project Crying Freemen. They had a very long history in the trance scene as dj's, live acts and organizers of events. They are among the best trance DJ's in France since more than 10 years and well known for "dynamic" dj sets, special technical way of mixing and for their "versus". They play all around France in big parties and around the world : Spain, Belgium, Greece, Serbia, Israel, Arcadia Festival, Electrohm Festival in France; Monte Mapu festival...  They are leading electronic music pioneers. Selected by Christopher Lawrence and John 00 Fleming for their new series Global Trance Grooves Volume 1: Two Tribes. They are featured on international trance labels such as Goaty Prod, Mahogany, Shivlink, Geomagnetic Rec, Kagdila, Avigmatic, Goa Records, Moist Music and more.

Sunrize vs Crying Freemen – Oxygen (Connection Goaty Prod)
Crying Freemen - Odyssée 2006 (Mysterious force V/A Mahogany-rds)
Crying Freemen - I have a dream (Mysterious force V/A Mahogany-rds)
Crying Freemen vs Galaktik Waves - Listen up (Ping Pong V/A Shivlink rds)
Crying Freemen - I Control (goamoon V/A )
Crying Freemen - U can loose your mind (Digital speakers V/A Kagdila rds)
Life Extension feat Crying freemen - Let me out (Positive Alchemists Vol.3 Avigmatic Rds)