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Various Artist: Transatlantic Chillout, Compiled by Fernando Abreu & Luciano Sallun

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V/A - Fernando Abreu & Luciano Sallun

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Transatlantic Chillout


Hearts Eye Records

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1. Ambiens Indages - Conto dub II

2. Baque in Beat - Maré Sintética
3. Teresa Gabriel/Ambiens Indages-Caravela Sideral Azul
4. Pedra Branca - Berimbau Groove
5. Yubaba - Sunset over Lisbon
6. Balancé - Rockbill
7. Global Project - Lowbeat Science
8. Sérgio Walgood - The Dream
9. Smiley Pixie - A new beginning
10. Shakri - Ancestral Voice

Release Notes

...added 9/13/2009 3:51:39 PM

The concept of this chillout compilation is to unite Portuguese and Brazilian music without any borders or frontiers. Creating a edition available to everyone, worldwide in multiple formats exploring multiple directions and styles. Fernando Abreu and Luciano Sallun gently gathered this finest selection of sounds and positive energies. Fernando and Luciano are two very important artist recognized by their talent, innovating work and beautiful chillout music! They bring to you, Transatlantic Chillout, a wonderful experience of sounds, colors, landscapes and emotions... From the urban to tribal, electronic to primal from the streets of Lisboa to São Paulo… This amazing compilation features the finest chill out artists: Pedra Branca,Teresa Gabriel, Smiley Pixie, Shakri, Ambiens Indages, Sérgio Walgood, Baque in Beat...and many others! This is the first part of the Transatlantic Journey. Mastering & Design: Fernando Hood Abreu @ Smiley Pixie Studios

Artist Information

Fernando, Born in Portugal, has been making music in his computer since very young... since the age of 12 he is creating mad beats and
twisted electronic sounds. In software Like Rebirth, ejay, Fruity loops 1 Also listening to allot of music!,listening carefully, learning, experimenting with different tools, little by little creating his studio, little by little perfecting his art, taste, and hearing

Fernando interest grew and he studied a bit allot audio, he took 2 professional degrees in Audio and Video, Learning to be effective with many kinds of tools like, Cubase, Nuendo, Pro tools, Reason, Ableton live, FL Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Alter Effects, Encore, Edius, Resolume... To create good quality sound, video and graphics!
After the degrees he started working for “Santa Claus”, a audio video studio making Subtitles, dubbing and translating for Portuguese
cable Television

“The Smiley Pixie”, began in summer 2004, Fernando's concept was to create a more relaxed and accurate sound for all kinds of crowds, exploring all kinds of ideas!.... Music, arts and imagination!
Mind traveling from India to latin american, from Morroco to tibet... experimenting with psychedelic electronic music, Ambient, Progressive
House, Techno, Minimal, World Music, Break beat, IDM, Lounge, Drum’n’bass, Goa Trance

Smiley pixie is soft electronic music with no limits,
Smiley has played in alot of gigs, nationally and internationally... Festivals / Parties / Bars! sometimes solo, sometimes in his friends, Guitar players,
Bass Players! Fernando is very respected worldwide because of his talent producing Chillout music

“The Smiley Pixie” has released various tracks in , Peak Records and Kagdila Records in 2005. including "Chasing frogs and fairies!"
"Sprites & Spells", in the same year he also joined and defined a new sound for a new Label, “Quantic Records” and “Goagadar magazine”
( ... A talented and creative group of people!

In 2006, he written and produced the first cd that came out of GOAGADAR MAGAZINE, "FREE MUSIC FOR FREE PEOPLE", a free album!
5000 copies were made and distributed for free! 2007, Fernando and Quantic Crew made another release! “Quantic Vol.1” with the tracks "The Walk", "Ride on the country side" In 2008 he Released "Easter People" (Full moon Gathering) and started to work with Avatar Records
2008 he joined "Cosmic Fusion", trance promoters, friends and event organizers in Ireland! Spreading the best energies, attitude and music!
in 2009 he creates 2 new albums! second album and third album "Chillout Moods" "Something's Sacred", with music, covers and mastering all
produced by Fernando Himself! In 2009 and he creates a Chillout Compilation with "pedra branca" called TRANSATLANTIC CHILLOUT! Uniting Portuguese and Brazilian Chillout

Label History

Label: Hearts Eye Records was founded in 2006 by Rob Rayle, long time figure head and founder of several pivotal electronic music collectives in the San Francisco Bay Area. His professional music career has taken off and enabled the label to prosper as a platform for international downtempo and ambient artists.