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MEXMEN - Compiled by Fractal Sound

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Compiled by Fractal Sound

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Geo - Morningstar

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CD 6 Panel Jewel

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September 2009

$9.95 + $5 S+H


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01 - Basic Nova - Intro Mexmen
02 - Duendo Matka - Heroes del Equilibrio
03 - ESD - Astral Moon Walker
04 - Quality Sound - Stranger
05 - Fractal Sound - This is Not a Dream (New Rmx)
06 - Shake - Lie Detectors
07 - Attik - Subliminal Super Junkies
08 - Fractal Sound Vs Mindstorm - The Next Revolution
09 - Dr.Hoffman - Murder is the Case
10 - Twilight - Morning Hero
11 - Dtek vs Mexican Trance Mafia - Apple Talk (Rmx)
12 - Skyloops - Evolution (Bonus Track) 

Release Notes

...added 8/22/2009 10:10:00 PM

MEXMEN v.1 compiled by Fractal Sound (Guadalajara, Mexico) is a full spectrum romp through the best of the new wave of producers leading the pack from Mexico. Mexico has fast become one of the worlds leading psytrance centres featuring a steady stream of the biggest producers from the world scene. Riding this crest of the new wave of music are the local producers who have diligently carved a niche for them selves across the planet (and beyond to other worlds) and now these heroes dubbed the MEXMEN are ready to deliver a top shelf burst of power and magic from the spotlight on this wild west mad Mexican mystical mayhem! Fractal Sound leads the pack of this wild bunch of pioneering musicians through multiple adventures across the fantastic landscape where the parties are bigger and more crazy and the scene is exploding like wild fire in an unprecedented expansion never seen before. UFOS have been witnessed beaming down strange robots and the youth have been mutating into reptilian humanoids while others have exhibited muscular bass lines and harmonic frequency shifting anthems forcing the dance floor to leap tall decorations in a single bound. Prepare to be tranceformed into your alter ego as your mutant powers are activated to their fullest by this group of psychedelic saviours!

Artist Information

Doctor Spook (Mindstorm) MINDSTORM (aka Nathan Vogel aka Doctor Spook) has morphed into an amazing LIVE VISUALS AND MUSIC project that Doctor Spook has been realizing from the SAN FRANCISCO based GEOMAGNETIC World Headquarters. Musically Spook is collaborating with a stream of the worlds leading musical masterminds inlcuding Tamir Ozana from Atomic Pulse, Chromatone and Random, Altom, Earthling, Central Processing Unit & Twisted Reaction Mindstorm has a strong concept with each track, a detail lacking in much of todays dance music. 

Label History  |

Morningstar is a subdivision of Geomagnetic Records. Uplifting, melodic, full-on, progressive and perfect for those ecstatic moments of sunshine and awakening, the Morningstar label knows you want to be carried on a cloud of feel-good grooviness as you welcome the morning light! 

GEO-MEXICO (Geomagnetic label family), offering the most cutting edge sounds from the hottest new artists of the Mexican Trance psychedelic underground. We embrace music for the night and day, GEO-Mexico offers a well balanced variety of pioneering producers presenting high quality and memorable hits to enhance your trance dancing experience! was established in the summer of 2001. Their first major international release is the legendary DVD project “MAGNUS”. Since then they have added over 30 label artists and have multitudes of projects in the works for 2008 and beyond. Based in San Francisco and focusing mostly on music and visual related projects, you can expect to see lots more cutting edge releases on the way from this award winning crew! was started by Spook one of the founders of the prominent San Francisco 3D FX and Multimedia boutique known as Minds Eye Media (est.1995).  |