Goa Records RELEASES

(Stimulating & Emotional Electronic Dance Music)

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Goa Records Releases

Goa Records Releases
Goa Records Releases

Goa Records Releases  

Goa Records Releases  

Goa Records Releases

Now available in CD in shops around the world + in Digital format at all major sites.

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Goa Moon Vol. 5 by Ovnimoon & Dr. Spook

GOA - Moon Vol. 5 presents an amazing fresh new episode of this famous double cd collection with 20 hit songs and 26 fantastic artists selected by Ovnimoon and compiled arranged into this limited run collector’s edition release by Doctor Spook.

Pulsar & Thaihanu - Uplifting Minds

Pulsar & Thaihanu’s long awaited debut album: Uplifting Minds. A potent signal from a distant star pumps out a clear and persistent beat. This dynamic message crosses interstellar space to arrive here on earth and carries our own signals further on its course on its voyage through the vast and distant reaches of unexplored space.

GOA SUN vol. 3 goarec038 - Dr. Spook, Random, Pulsar & Thaihanu, Progressive Psytrance  2CD, GOA Rec.

Goa Sun v.3 returns this superb Progressive Goa Psytrance series to the center spotlight this time compiled by Dr. Spook & Random with popular world trotting duo Pulsar & Thaihanu as they set the controls for the heart of the Sun once again with 20 unforgettable tracks that will be making you scream for more.

Goa Trip v.5 by Dr.Spook & Random [Goarec037]  Goa Records

Goa Trip returns with Vol. 5, this hit series is back to the top with 20 unforgettable tracks that will be making you scream for more. Stepping up even more notches the 5th edition includes stellar contributions from 37 leading Goa trance producers spanning the globe. This is a 2 disc fully packed super compilation of hits picked and arranged by Goa Records label heads Dr Spook and Dj Random.

GOA Moon vol4  [goarec036] - V/A 2 CD Set Compiled by Ovnimoon and Doctor Spook – GOA RECORDS

GOA - Moon Vol. 4 presents an amazing fresh new episode of this famous double cd collection with 20 hit songs selected by Ovnimoon and Doctor Spook. This top shelf release is for dancers, DJs, and collectors alike. Full of memorable moments, heartfelt melodic hooks, powerful raging bass lines, and original compositions in many styles ranging from Psychedelic Techno to Goa Trance. 

Infinity of Love - The Great Man [Goarec035] Goa Rec / Boundless

Goa Records and Boundless Records proudly presents Infinity Of Love with his long awaited debut full length album: The Great Man. Solid and satisfying engineering, coupled with a great attention to detail and refinement, layered with psychedelic foundations and interwoven through and through with melodic and sometimes anthemic goa trance. OUT NOW!

Scratch 22 – Tribal Beats [Goa Rec / Boundless]

Goa Records and Boundless Records proudly presents Scratch 22 debut full length album: Tribal Beats. Exploding onto the scene a few years back this original and uncensored psychedelic goa trance project from Israel is helping lead an amazing revolution across the planet. Strong tribal beats, both sweet and scratchy, tangy and chewy, and driving your body crazy while your mind is sent to a spectacular world of futuristic and harmonic sensations.

Israeli Sphinx - Retro Revolution [Goa Rec / Boundless]

Goa Records and Boundless Records proudly presents Israeli Sphinx – Retro Revolution, the debut album under this side-project and the 4th full length album released by Assaf Weizmann aka Cortex, aka Antimatter (with Brainbokka) aka Tempo Shrine aka Blanx (Progressive Project) aka Xetroc (Dubstep).

Tavi - Magnetic Field [Goarec032] Goa Rec / Time Warp Rec

Goa Records proudly presents Russian Goa Trance protégé, Tavi aka Tibeev Rinat Rafaelevich, featuring his debut full length out of this world time travelling adventure that takes you from the distant past to the far-flung future. Tavi transcends the boundaries of this time line and pulls out a nearly forgotten book from our well-loved library… the book of Goa Trance.
Goa Trance Nations v.1 From Russia with Love by Innovation Modification & Dr.Spook

Goa Records continues to blaze new pathways throughout the world spreading the joy and appreciation for great psychedelic & progressive goa trance music. These astoundingly fresh series features 2CDs packed to the hilt with unreleased exclusive new hits on Disc 1 compiled by DJ JohnnyK (Evgeniy Kozlovsky) aka co-founder of the hot young Russian psy producers known as Innovation Modification. Disc 2 features the cream of the Russian team from all the sub labels connected to Geomagnetic label group carefully chosen by International DJ legend Dr Spook.


Goa Trip Volume 4 - Compiled by Dr Spook And Random

Stepping up a notch the 4th edition includes stellar contributions from 35 leading goa trance producers spanning the globe with another big 2 disc fully packed super compilation of tracks picked and arranged by Goa Records label heads Dr Spook and Dj Random    

Goa Sun Volume 2 - Compiled by Pulsar and Dr Spook

Goa Sun v.2 returns this superb Progressive Goa Psytrance series to the center spotlight this time compiled by Dr. Spook & Pulsar as they set the controls for the heart of the Sun with 20 unforgettable tracks that will be making you scream for more.

Biokinetix - Trance4mate

Trance 4 Mate a massive 24 track compilation album in the form of 2 mega blasting CDs. Disc 1 serves up 11 advanced astro projections beamed in direct from his home planet of Psybertron. Never before released in this dimension prepare to re-configure your body into a non-stop dancing device. Disc 2 is the complete live set recorded on stage at Zagoa Festival Marocco 2012 festival complete with custom programing on all tracks plus live versions and remixes that are not available elsewhere.

Ainur - 7th Spirit

Goa Records, Geomagnetic and Ovnimoon Records presents this worlds class progressive goa Psytrance masters talents of Ainur with his mystical debut theme album – 7th Spirit.

Kelle & Juha - Shiva

Goa Records proudly presents the latest album from Thomas Kelle and Martin Juha, Pécs, Hungary aka Kelle and Juha. These multi-talented electronic wizards have released tons of electronic hits on digital but and are totally excited to finally deliver this full length theme album to the world.

Optical Report - Hypnotist

Goa Records delivers the debut progressive goa psytrance album discovered by Ovnimoon the
amazing talents of Optical Report.

Deimos – We Have Forgotten

Deimos is a psytrance & prog/techno project of Igor Čeranic, music producer from Zagreb, Croatia. Under the influence from old trance acts and industrial and metal scenes, his sound can be described as an atmospheric fullon/tech psy with a darker and more aggressive edge.

Random - Adventures

Goa Records presents a new double cd release from Random. This anthology album has many of his unreleased musical adventures spanning the last 10 years.

Try 2 Fly - Faith

Goa Records presents the full length debut artist album from a prolific new musical duo fromMacedonia, Try2Fly. This new album titled “Faith” brings the sound of Vladimir Jankovski & Vangel Angov together as the Try2Fly project to the world. Following up after 2 digital ep releases on Geomagnetic records their magic trance story continues on this full length.


Innovation Modification - Memories

Goa Records presents a full length album from Innovation Modification, the labels newest trance artists coming from Moscow Russia. After the successful release of an EP release on Geomagnetic records, this album brings the InMods style to the world with 10 blasting and fun, powerful and psychedelic full-on Goa-trance stories.

Goa Moon v.3 2CD - 
Compiled by Ovnimoon and Dr. Spook

GOA - Moon Vol. 3 presents an amazing Double length fresh new episode with 20 hits full of color and life. Ovnimoon and Doctor Spook compile up a top shelf release for dancers, DJs, and collectors alike. Memorable samples, heartfelt melodic hooks, full power raging bass lines, original compositions and fresh new musicians who have been practicing their styles on their local dance floors across the planet all combine to create the perfect refreshing dose of life. 

01-N - Raison D’etre

GOAREC019Raison D’Etre is a blasting journey full of classic goa and uplifting trance, melodies and acid lines with pounding kick and bass all put together for each tracks amazing story. Listening to the album all the way through you feel the passion and meaning put behind each song fitting so much with the theme of the whole album, music being a reason for existence.

Tetuna - Crazy Trips

This Crazy Trip will take you deeper into your mind and body through beautifully crafted melodic patterns flowing smoothly together with classic acid Goa twists and turns. Te-Tuna’s music embodies the feeling of the sun rising onto the dance floor, when you are forced to smile as wide as you can with each synth rise and new lead part.  

Sonic Elysium - Mahaon

The style can best be described as theatrical, energetic, uplifting, emotional and unforgettable music that makes it easy to understand why everyone who hears this amazing sound are instantly captivated by the magic and mystery that is created on the dance floor as well as in your heart, mind and soul! The world is ready for this epic music and transformative compositions!  

Goa Trip v.3 2CD - Compiled by Dr. Spook and Random

Goa Trip Vol. 3 continues this hit series with 20 unforgettable tracks that will be making you scream for more. Back with another big 2 disc super compilations of tracks picked and arranged by Goa Records label heads Dr Spook and Dj Random. Featuring one disk of special unreleased songs from Goa records artists and friends of Goa records, introducing and welcoming BPM, Sonic Elysium, Terraformers, and Alchemix who all have debut albums coming out soon on Goa and Geomagnetic Records.  

TuK - Laws Of Nature (2nd Album)

Transcending your expectations of how things were, TuK effortlessly ascends to new heights with this fusion of spiritual-goa/psy and progressive tech. Deep philosophy meets raging dance floor epics fueled by pristine and crisp production while maintaining all the right elements to really deliver a satisfying conclusion!

Bratex - Secrets Of Life


Brazilian native Bratex presents his debut full length album exploding forth from the festivals and dance floors of this leading country in Psychedelic Trance!  


Frost Raven - Thee Olde Ones


Taste the deep progressive, dirty electro, funky techno, hard psychedelic grooves, full on Goa and even 4x4 dubstep!


Electrypnose - Magnetic Memoirs


Electrypnose most memorable work ever released across his full range of dance floor styles including deep funky psy & hard night time grooves.  


TeTuna - Psychedelic Transition


Each track touches the listener’s heart and soul with the feeling of happy and care free times.




Goa Sun Vol. 1 - v/a Dr. Spook’s Goa-Psymix


This cross section of the planets best masters and new wizards of Full on Goa Trance and Progressive Psychedelic Fullon.


Goa Trance Visions Vol. 1 Night - 2 disc DVD / CDVJ Mix by  Dr. Spook


11 new MIND-MENDING psychedelic 3D animated VJ music videos synched to the top Goa dance floor hits! All mixed together by GOA DOC aka Doctor Spook to create an instant trance party anywhere fast! Take a journey on this visionary mind expanding musical voyage. Brought to you by the top VJs on the planet from the award winning world famous team at Minds Eye Media in San Francisco