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Tetrium - Precision Mechanics
“Precision Mechanics”, Tetrium’s 3rd album continues his output of Fullon melodic Psy Goa trance with 7 original songs and 2 remixes of tracks by Twina and Digital Tribe that will leave the listener in a trance forgetting where they are without a second to think!

Beat of The Moment - Various artists compiled by Noize hunter
Geo Darkstar presents a new compilation put together by our newest friend and label artist Noize Hunter. Max brings us a collection of music from around the world as well as artist who are familiar to the Geomagnetic family.

 BrainBokka - Vortex implosion
Boundless & GeoMagnetic Records proudly Present the the debut album from Psytrance underground legend and full power non stop dj BrainBokka, from Israel. BrainBokka music style can be described as psychedelic full on trance and after a long time of working in the studio here is his full Debut Studio Album VORTEX IMPLOSION!

 Geocd066 - Singular Frequencies VA by Amplify
Geomagnetic Records is proud to present the newest VA "Singular Frequencies" Compiled by AMPLIFY these masterfully crafted audio super storms are ready for breaking dance floor sound barriers. The well known mind behind AMPLIFY is Andrew Olavarrieta ex-former member of the world known project Delysid

 Geocd065 - BPM - Dancefloor Demolition Squad
Geomagnetic records now brings to you BPM’s second full length album “Dancefloor Demolition Squad” After 4 years and a very successful debute BPM album called System Activated, BPM IS Coming back with their unique and fresh sound once again to crush, burn and turn dancefloors into dust.


Mindstorm - Guiders of the Storm
Geomagnetic Records presents the long awaited full length release by trance music luminary Mind Storm aka Doctor Spook!! 10 story filled storms to be guided through each with their own flavour and style range from progressive, through fullon, neo goa, darkpsy, and twilight psychedelic trance.

Various Artists - Mega Drive (Twisted Reaction)
Geomagnetic Israel has the pleasure of presenting to you a compilation featuring 11 tracks from the “Mega Drive” of Twisted Reaction!

Various Artists - Party People (Cortex and Dr.Spook)
Party People compiled by Cortex (Boundless Rec) and Dr.Spook ( presents 11 mind blowing new dance floor ragers all packed with C4 like a ticking time bomb of dance floor potential!

Various Artists - Magnetik Attraction (Biokinetix & Mindstorm)
Biokinetix & Mindstorm present you with a compilation of original and remixed tracks from French and International Psytrance masters. Tracks from Talamasca, XSI, Cortex, Biokinetix and more!

Various Artists - Pisces 2009
Pisces 2009 is the top shelf showcase of International and Local San Francisco Producers who all share the same Zodiac sign. Each year San Francisco’s dance music community gathers to celebrate this cosmic and hydraulic powered birth sign with an EPIC international level electronic music show.

MeteorBurn - Comic Book
Portuguese duo Meteorburn is a 2 member project, Sérgio aka Meteor & Xano aka Burn who are burning a hole in the dance floor with their non stop mega masher bass lines and full throttle mentalities coming deep from psy-space with a mission to deliver the hardest rocking chunky space debris right to your brain

Digital Sound Project – System Failure
Digital Sound Project is the blazing bright fullon-psy duo who has taken the French scene (and now the world!) by storm since their first appearance back in January 2007. Living in the west side of the country, the two buddies has each their own background as Dj’s before starting producing music.

Jaws Underground - Still Alive
“You think it's over? You think you're safe? You are wrong! I promise that my work will continue, the music has just begun! The rules are simple: See what I see / Hear what I hear / Groove like I groove!” Geomagnetic is totally pumped to present the 4th album of Jaws Underground, one of the most active projects in France. Discover 9 powerful tracks which represent the unique touch of his music.

Vaktun - Memories of Hidden Paradise
Vaktun & Geomagnetic-Mexico proudly presents this cutting edge debut album fresh from the festival party scene of Mexico, one of the worlds leading full on psytrance countries. Get ready for an offering of fresh sounds featuring wicked new collaborations with all the hottest new artists of the Mexican Trance psychedelic underground!

Virtual Light - Illuminatrix
VIRTUAL LIGHT, aka Vincent Grella, formerly a Canadian native based in Montreal was recently laser scanned molecule by molecule (like in the Tron Movie) into the matrix using advanced alien technology. This long awaited 2nd new album encompasses 10 previously unexplored sectors of your mental storage device. Virtual Light’s style is an un-quantifiable hybrid of full on morning psytrance that takes up from the melodic and mental romping grounds of Logic Bomb
Micro Scan - Yes We Scan
Micro Scan are back with their 2nd album, Frederic Kiszon & Sebastien Manson aka Kzymodo & Aloes from Paris, France are well known specialists in full-on morning geo.

Cortex - Spiritual Tonic
Cortex presents 10 previously unreleased full power bombastic psychedelic tunes. His 2nd album is packed with deep bass laden dance floor smashers with a style of high tech trance that will drive the people into a state of natural ecstasy.

KINESIS  - Beyond The Galaxy
Powerful bass lines, melancholy and emotional melodies, phenomenal builds and dramatic surprises that leave the listener excited and hooked to the spacious chords that will definitely leave a lasting and positive impression great for repeat listening and dance floor memories!



End Game by Kinesis SPUNCD035/GEOCD053                           
Mentalism by Monks of Madness PSYCD002/GEOCD052      
Psychic Chakra II Family of the Phoenix GEOCD048A             
Psychic Chakra III Dreaming of the PhoenixGEOCD048b       

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