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7 Stage Mid Spring Massive! 70+ DJs!

...Friday April 1st 2011...   LOTS MORE INFO COMING SOON!!!


Click the Flyer to go to the FACEBOOK PAGE and RSVP + leave a reply =)

Geomagnetic Records, Bass Star Rec, Plural Prod, Womp, Apex and a dozen other Bay Area dance music and promotion crew’s are totally STOKED to present:




With Room for 2000 18+ party people and a strict rule of not turning people away for lack of funds… *this means that if you dont have money come to the party between 4pm and 5pm to get in free. =)*


You know this is gonna be the legendary MID SPRING super slam to tell your kids about someday! =)



WORLD CLASS LINE UP ON 7 STAGES: (4 outdoor, 3 indoor)


Music Styles Represented include: Trance, Electro, Dubstep, House, Fidget, Hardstyle, DnB, Hardcore, Techno, Psytrance, Chillout, Funky Breaks & More!

You heard about it... You've Read about it... but have you ever been to an APRIL FOOLS MASSIVE? This is the show EVERYONE's talking about it! Well guess what?! Its REAL! This Crazy AZZ SHIATZU is coming to you in 7 Dimensions! Yes Thats right! 7 stages! TONS OF DJS! So many in fact you will be SHOCKED! (VALID 18+ID NEEDED FOR ENTRY)

more nfo-
4-5pm - FREEE...EEEE
5-6pm - $5
6-7pm - $10
7-8pm - $15
8-10p - $20
10-2a - $25
2a-320a - $15
320a-4a - FREEEEEEE

~~~~~ >>>> TIME SLUTS <<<<<<< ~~~~~~

STAGE 1 (Inside Upstairs Bar)
4 NIGHTCRAWLER (Electric Family/MOC)
5 BJ Spire (Envision Harmony)
6 Hopeful (Envision Harmony)
7 Audio Climaxx (FM Events)
8 C-Kay Nico and Nimerix Breaking Serenity
9 Breaking Serenity (FM Events / Geomagnetic)
10 Jannick von Rechendorff (Geomagnetic)
11 Infusion (Geomagnetic / Dbl Stacked)
12 Carlos Alfonzo (Geomagnetic / Dbl Stacked)
1 Switchblade (Zapatistas)
2 John Beaver (Skills / Vital SC)
3 Dj Wes V.2 (DJ Wes V.2 Events)

STAGE 2 ( Inside Upstairs 2) Full Circle 1
4 Pressure Wave (Plural Prod.)
5 Trickster (Geomagnetic / MOC)
6 Joe Schaeffer aka Nov Sanus (Geomagnetic)
7 PsySas (Outpost 23)
8 psylotus (Geomagnetic/Synchronize)
9 Dizzy (Geomagnetic/Galaxy Unknown)
10 Frost Raven (Geomagnetic/Goa Records)
11 Random (Geomagnetic)
12 Loke vs SmartBomb (UK!) (Phar Psyde Rec / Animal Trax Rec)
1 Michael Liu LSDj's 2 hr set! Liu,Sausee,Dr.Spook~!
2 Sausee (Galaxy Unknown Rec)
3 Wichdokta (Geomagnetic/Full Circle)

STAGE 3 (Downstairs Inside) (Sound + Hosted By WOMP!)
4 Toxxiq (Ecstatik Eventz)
5 Wastoid Prime feat: MC DtoX (Womp!/NBE)
6 Switchup (Womp!/NBE/Que)
7 Dub Rock (BayStyles Ent.) Www.soundcloud/
8 K Theory (Virgin Breakers)
9 Sublock (PLUR Alliance, GeoMagnetic, C.U.E)
10 Aire Redtree w/PERHAPS (Beats For Peace)
11 Fire Lieber (MalLabel Music)
12 Dubster Spook vs Dubthug (Bass Star Rec / Geomagnetic)
1 Christafari (Mountain Lion HiFi)
2 Reclipse (Trauma/Rukkuz)
3 Rave Grobbers (Womp!/NBE)

STAGE 4 (outside upstairs deck) Spook System Ripples 800s
4 Travis Creamer (Baystyles/Robot Ears SF)
5 DJ Tomcat (Electric Family)
6 A Fox (blockhead ent.)
7 dj u-love (opulent temple)
8 Rhetoric Late Night House "
9 Sonny Daze (B.A.E. Krew)
10 Adam Ant (Dbl Stacked / Geomagnetic)
11 Sychosis (Mizumo Music)
12 Aleks (Geomagnetic / A-10)
1 Loryn (Rocket Beats/Mizumo)

STAGE 5 (Outside Wood Dock) (Hosted by APEX Clan/FullCircle3)
4 Spice T (Plural Prod. / Juke Inc.)
5 Sib Sib (Ruff Haus)
6 Random Chuck (apex / dbl stacked)
7 Tim Brown (Higher Conscience, Apex, STE, DSE, )
8 Supreme (Betamorph / Monkey Dub Rec)
9 Pillijah (D-Fault Recs / Geomagnetic / apex)
10 Green Thumb (apex)
11 Dan The Man (Have Fun Entertainment, apex)
12 Dr. Who (Apex/primitive science/higher conscience)
1 Cody (apex)

STAGE 6 - (Outside Front Dock) (Sound By DT3)
4 DJ Solus (Plural Productions)
5 DJP (Wonder World and Acid Totem)
6 Chronologix (aka Haggla) (Bayssline events)
7 Blanx (dubScouts / Bass Star Rec)
8 Bass Buddah (dubScouts / Bass Star Rec)
9 Grizzly J (dubScouts / Bass Star Rec)
10 Turf Dubz (aka Measure - D) (Oakster Dubz)
11 Mykie McFilthy (Bass Star, Sub Lab, Collie Connect)
12 Luke Nukem (Vital SC, Geomagnetic, Bayssline)
1 Skrypt vs. Introspect Nick TwoVoorhees

STAGE 7 (Outside Bar Alley) Full Circle 2
4 DJ Trouble (TnT Records / Anarchy Prod)
5 Virus (M.O.T.T.S.)
6 DJ Saphyre (RED SF / Intergalactic EventZ)
7 Mr. Brandon (Hellaswell, B.A.E. Krew)
8 Clymax (Clymax Prod. / Geomagnetic)
9 Queef (Plural Productions)
10 Cyberfied (M.O.T.T.S.)
11 Nightfall (Hard Dance Nation / Plural Productions)
12 E-Light (Geomagnetic / Dbl Stacked)
1 Arcade (Robot Ears SF)

Lots more info coming soon so keep spreading the word!






DJ line up and layout will probably mix some genres on various stages so everyone has a chance to experience each zone. I am working on the line ups as we speak so I will try my best to get them posted soon... =) so much to do in so little time! but its already coming together like CLOCK work! thannks to all the great support and positive feedback from all the DJs, Volunteer Promotion crew, Sound Systems and deco staff... this is realy going to be special! =)




See you all there! =)