Please Carpool, No dogs, Fireworks or bad vibes =) also, no open alchohol on the Belden Road in town, drive safe, follow speed limit (esp in Plumas County!) Time slots below...


PSYMBIOTEK July 10 - 12, 2009

Starting Friday July 10th and going till Sunday July 12th 2009, Records, Galaxy Unknown Records,Full Melt , Full Circle, CCC & The Phoenix Family invite you to attend a unique gathering set outdoors on the beautiful feather river at the legendary BELDEN TOWN FESTIVAL EVENT SPACE welcoming friends of all ages to experience a psymbiotek awakening to nature, art, and music! Stay tuned for more information at the web site and look for more details and full line up coming soon as well as limited discount presale tickets. We are proud to welcome back LOGIC BOMB (Sweden)!

100% Permitted All ages venue, Northern California
Psytrance, Dubstep, Tech-House, Chill, Live Drums + more!

and CHILL Grooves!


Friday - Sunday
JULY 10th-12th,09


$35 (1st Tier complete)

$40(till June 28th) (2nd Tier complete)

$45 (till July 6th) (3rd Tier complete)


$50 BUY NOW(4th Tier)

(We are keeping Paypal sales on going through the whole weekend. Bring your paypal proof of purchase. includes 1 bonus Geomagnetic CD of your Choice. Ticket and CD available @ will call @ Event front gate) Print your Paypal receipt for proof of purchase to verify your entry since we wont be able to mail tickets after Tuesday the 6th of July.



Tickets available @ Skills in Berkely, Cieba Rec in San Francisco, Streetlight Rec in San Jose or DJ Direct from any of the DJs on the line up.

Ticket Price at the Store is $50 (no service charge) and includes one free GeoMagnetic CD of your choice (based on whats in stock at the store and/or bring your reciept from the store and get your CD@ will call)



Contact: to reserve an RV Parking/Hookup spot (cabins are full now).

PSYMBIOTEK has been growing and upgrading left and right! We have some great additions to announce as well as more information.

Dr. Paradise is ready to saturate our visual cortex all night Saturday with his live mega high resolution interactive show on the psy stage.

Katya and Treavor Wyse (Green Sector) are coming up from LA to transform the Breaks / Edm Stage into a funktastic groove zone

The Rest of our deco crew including CLYMAX string art, PSYLOTUS 3D sculptures, EYEZMIND 4D stretch art, OOZE SYSTEM Intergalactic Garden, CHRISTINE WEBB’s Visionary paintings,  The TWISTED TRAVELER/DREAMTIME/CCC and TAODECO psy-banners, ABDCTN Alien Art and Live Painting, Plus a continuously changing lighting installation from the Mendocino Organized Chaos crew covering all the areas.

OPTICAURA is bringing a 2 Watt Green Laser with 12 Mirrors to create a powerful 3Dimensional optical matrix across the dance floor. Expect sacred geometrical tripulations and animated gateways.

Amazing new additions to the line up include Live and DJ sets from: X-Noise (HOM-mega, Israel), Chromatone / Morphatrix (Nano, SF/Australia), Sonic Species (Alchemy, UK), Primordial Ooze (GeoMagnetic, WI), Arahat (PsyCircle, SD), Planewalker (GeoMagnetic, WA), Nov Sanus (Hearts Eye Rec, SF), Dat Girl (LA)

Of note regarding Andromeda/Chromosome/SoulSurfer who had an unforeseen circumstance affect his schedule and is now unable to make it to the event and regrets to announce this change.
We have confirmed a TURBO SOUND SYSTEM with 8 Bass Bins and 6 Tops coming up from Southern California (Like the legendary Moebius Moon-Tribe Rig) provided by PsyCircle. We also have confirmed John Wood's Tantra FUSION MACKIE system so BOTH main stages will be fully powered and blasting high quality audio will be delivering the goods!

We have more than 420 Tickets presold and reserved. Guaranteeing that this will be a well attended event with non stop dancing and more than 4 dance floors that will be providing a combined time line of 150+ hours of entertainment during our 3 day/2 night excursion to wonderland (you will have to clone your self and astral project to be able to enjoy it all!)

Over 33 Confirmed Live Psy and EDM Music Producers and over 60 DJs make this one of Northern California’s most prolific and harmonically integrated festival lineups ever!

Representatives from over 27 Record Labels from around the world including TIP, Solstice, Spun, HOM-mega, 3D Vision, Alchemy, Nano, Hadra, Goa, Digital Drugs, Power House, GeoMagnetic, Full Melt, PsyCircle, Tactic, Mechanic, Reckless Rhythm/3rd Eye, Galaxy Unknown, Bass-Star, Vaporvent, Hearts Eye, Mizumo Music, Linear Flow Music, Sleevin, Swamp System, Chill Pod, PsyBooty and more!

Core members of collectives from across America are combining their wisdom, creativity, fine tuning, extra promotion and community spirit including people from Green Sector (LA), PsyTribe (LA), PsyCircle (San Diego), Sonic Beating (Boston), Touch Samadhi (NorCal), Mendocino Organized Chaos (NorCal), Illumination/Pisces 2010 (SanJose), G.O.A. Play (Nor Cal), Full Circle (Nor Cal), Symbiosis (NorCal), Tantra (SF), Saturated Mind (NorCal), Ooze System (NorCal), Stilldream (Sac), StarCamp (Shasta), TAO (SF), Peoples Choice (SF), Ultraviolet Carnival (NorCal), Koinonea (NorCal), World Peace Tour (SF) and of course the organizers GeoMagnetic, CCC, Galaxy Unknown, Full Melt and the Phoenix Family bring us 25+ magical families full of inspiration and special ingredients to share with you a gathering like no other.

We now have our Event page up on your favorite social networking sites so stop by and say high!


Starting Friday July 10th and going till Sunday July 12th 2009 Records, Galaxy Unknown Records, CCC, Full Melt & The Phoenix Family invite you to attend a unique gathering set outdoors on the beautiful feather river at the legendary BELDEN TOWN FESTIVAL EVENT SPACE welcoming friends of all ages to experience a psymbiotek awakening to nature, art, and music! Join us for 3 Day and 2 Night campout festival featuring 4 stages of Psytrance, Dubstep, Techno, House, Chill Grooves, Live Drums + more!

Featuring LIVE Psytrance/Full On/Progressive sets by:

Live PA Psytrance/Progressive/Fullon:
Live PA Dubstep/Breaks/Groove:

LOGIC BOMB (Tip, Solstice, Sweden)
X-NOISE (HOM-mega, Israel)
CHROMATONE (Nano Rec, SF/Australia)
RANDOM ROBOT (GeoMagnetic, SF)
MINDSTORM (Spun/GeoMagnetic, SF)
FROST RAVEN (GeoMagnetic, SF)
X-MODE (Tactic Rec, Israel)
AKROS (Mechanic Rec, MX)
AQUAFUR (Linear Flow Music, SF)
ARAHAT (PsyCircle, SD)
More TBA…




ANTI-SERUM (Full Melt Recordings, SF)
Mr. ROGERS (Ooze System, Nevada City)
ZAPPER (Full Melt Recordings, SF)
SPIT BROTHERS (Full Melt Recordings, SF)
POM aka EARTHSTEPPA (Rootabreakas - L.A.)
MORPHATRIX (formerly Morphonix)
OUTERSECT (Hearts Eye Rec, East Bay)
ABDTCN (Bass-Star Rec, SF)
BUDDATECH (Linear Flow Music, SF)
BIRD OF PREY(VaporVent Rec, SF)
NOV SANUS (Hearts Eye Rec, SF)
LOKESH (Bass-Star Rec, SF)
KALI (Bass-Star Rec, SF)
KONVNDRVM (Bass-Star Rec, SF)
MYSTIK (Power House Rec, SF)
More TBA

LOGIC BOMB (Tip, Solstice, Spun, Sweden)
Logic Bomb was founded in the mid-nineties by Jonas Pettersson and Johan Krafft in Sweden. When Johan went travelling Jonas joined Dennis Tapper and Jonas Bergwall to form Hux Flux. Dennis moved to Stockholm and the other three decided to breathe life into Logic Bomb again. After major studio investments and with the skills they had learned from Dennis during their time in Hux Flux the new sound of Logic Bomb began to take shape. Since they are all educated computer freaks they spent a lot of time getting their production as clean and crisp as it could get. With tracks on a row of great compilations from famous trance labels such as Spun, TIP Records, Spirit Zone and Transient, Logic Bomb has made a tremendous name for themselves on the psy-trance scene. The are now one of the main stays of the international trance festival circuit as well as a household name to any true psytrance fan. All the original members have also created their own side projects including Trannan, Alternate Vision and Z-Machine.

X-NOISE (HOM-mega, Israel)
X-noiZe are Barak Argaman & Nadav Bonen from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Their debut album 'Mental notes' (2005) is considered one of the freshest prospects of modern psy trance. Their unique sound production became a guideline for the new psy-generation, crossing over rumbling baselines, euphoric melodies and club elements. Always aiming high, X-noiZe also explore the borders of vocal productions together with their singer Tom. C (Tomer Cherkasky) - the voice of the noise! The trance songs that they produce together since the first album have become massive dance floor anthems as they are very communicative but always maintain that undeniable trance edge. X-noiZe released tracks on various compilations of labels such as TIP World, Spun, Hit Mania, Phantasm, Neurobiotic, YoYo and more. They made some powerful remixes for Duvdev (Infected mushroom), Sub6, Domestic, Ticon, Tranan and just recently got remixed by G.M.S, Psy Craft and Ticon. Their nonstop global tour has left many dancers and clubbers breathless in places like Japan (S.O.S and Groundbeat festivals), Brazil (where they took a big part as supporting act in some of Infected Mushroom's 2006 Tour gigs and Creamfields Rio De Janeiro), Italy (Sonica), Germany (FullMoon), Switzerland (Atmosphere), UK, Mexico and the list goes on..  

CHROMATONE (Nano Rec, SF/Australia)
Chromatone / L. Hoffman Biography: Chromatone is L. Hoffman, a San Francisco native who has been producing electronic music for well over a decade. Working as a professional audio consultant, producer, and mastering engineer for many labels with a growing list of clients. A local favorite of SF, Chromatone has surprised countless audiences around the globe, with his buoyant energy, brilliant beats, and positive vibes. Highlights include: Surround Sound Live at Burning Man Festivals 2003+05, Symbiosis 2006+7, and Boom Festivals 2004+06 Portugal, Full Moon Germany 2005+6+8, ZOOM 2004 and Time Gate 2007 Switzerland, and many other appearances during a near constant 2 year tour in Europe. His premier performance in Brazil was at the glorious Universo Paralello 8. Now on playing in Australia and Europe for the rest of 2008. Working in partnership with Vaporvent Records, Chromatone made 2 impressive Vaporize compilations and an album Chromaconnection, including collaborations with famous acts like Earthling, Digital Talk, CPU, Random, and many SF artists. Other Land mark projects: the Virtual Vortex DVD featuring music video projects with Altom, Earthling, and Dr Spook. The Mechanik Castle Double album produced in a French Chateau with Neuromotor, Hyper Frequencies and Phatmatix, was a huge success and a new progression of trance for 2004. Chromatone trax have appeared on hot Spanish labels: Nutek, Spun, and Materia rec. Others on Fractal Rec. CH, Time Code, Acidance, Mind Funk, and Noise Poison. Now signed to Nano Rec. to better illuminate his future sophistication of music. The new project "MORPHATRIX" (formerly MORPHONIX) brings a revolutionary new "Psy Breaks" album " Off the Grid" while the upcoming "EVER BLAST" a new project with Celli aka EARTHLING will be for defining the new dimension of psytrance. Through deeply spiritual and emotional connections to his music and an intrinsic understanding of audio manipulation, Chromatone has become one of the most powerful emerging voices in Psytrance today. His masterful employment of intricate sound-scapes and multi-textured layers take listeners on journey after epic journey through the uncharted territories of the mind.

Inspired by open-air dancefloors at the dawn of the millenium, Alex Story (previously Fromem Ory) and Joe Markendale (G-Nome) cultivated a like-minded taste for unifying dance music. Through their shared experience they came to craft their own unique trance sound. Recently signed to Alchemy Records, the Sonic Species sound is a cutting-edge blend of digital and organic elements, combining to form liquid soundscapes that are as funky and fresh as they are deep and driving - a sonic experience that is as powerful indoors as it is outdoors. Musicians and producers in their own right, Sonic Species have been tearing up international dancefloors across the globe with a constantly evolving epic live set and are set for upcoming seasons worldwide in 2009. Watch out for upcoming releases onSpun, GeoMagnetic, Goa-Records, Neurobiotic Records, Liquid Records and Alchemy Records.

RANDOM ROBOT (GeoMagnetic, PsyBooty, SF)
Random Robot are Ross Du Bois and Rob Watson, both natives of San Francisco and veterans of the American psychedelic and progressive trance scene. Ross is known worldwide as Random, and has numerous psytrance releases to his credit, including a full artist album (Implicate Order,, 2005), and a slew of intricate, mind bending and stomping singles on some of the worlds best labels. Random also has a successful collaboration with the world renowned producer Chromatone (Chromatone vs. Random, numerous singles and the album Chromaconnection , Vaporvent, 2006). Rob is one half of the progressive duo M-Field, who has released 2 singles and an album on PsyBooty Records to worldwide acclaim. Ross and Rob have been good friends for years, and have collaborated in the past on many other tracks both released (Implicate Order,, 2005) and unreleased. Currently they have finished up an entire Random Robot album, which will be released in the very near future, and spans many BPMs and psychedelic genres. Random Robot represents the intersection of two very active minds that are always looking to produce high quality, intelligent, funky and psychedelic dance music in both the morning-full-on and the deep driving psy progressive genres. The tracks get the floor moving, but also have a high level of detail and layering that begs for repeat listening both at home, in the car, or of course, out rocking the party.

FROST RAVEN (GeoMagnetic, Digital Drugs Coalition, Goa-Records, SF)  
Frost Raven’s debut full length CD Album entitled “Star Muse” is the latest in cutting edge full power and progressive psychedelic Goa trance music. Frost Raven’s unmistakable melodic sound is crystal clear and full of heart. Get ready to upgrade your music collection with this top of the stack winner! With a background in film and theater soundtrack composition, Frost Raven started out with applications such as Soundforge and ACID Pro. After attending Pyramind; The Institute for Advanced Digital Audio Training, Dustin Musser (aka Frost-RAVEN) gained the skills and exposure necessary to elevate his music to a new level. While in school Dustin was offered a digital contract for his album Desert Walker, which alongside his electro-house EP Fire City, quickly began to dominate INgroove's new releases charts on However Dustin Musser's true passion is psychedelic trance music. Currently Frost-RAVEN has a number of projects on tap. His new down-tempo EP Deep in Blue is set for spring release on the INgooves digital label. Also new tracks can be heard on upcoming cds from GoaRecords and GeoMagnetic   Frost-RAVEN is also the co-founder of Somasoundsystem, a Bay Area collective of DJs and producers. Together they represent fresh sounds and pre-current trends. Check back soon for more info on his 2nd Album soon to be released with GeoMagnetic mid 2009.

MINDSTORM (Spun Records, GeoMagnetic, SF)
MINDSTORM (aka Nathan Vogel aka Doctor Spook) has morphed into an amazing LIVE VISUALS AND MUSIC project that Doctor Spook has been realizing from the SAN FRANCISCO based GEOMAGNETIC World Headquarters. Many High Quality Visual Music projects are being completed astounding the world with the masterful creations and lucid dreams. Musically Spook is collaborating with a stream of the worlds leading musical masterminds inlcuding Tamir Ozana from Atomic Pulse, Chromatone and Random, Altom, Earthling, Central Processing Unit, Twisted Reaction and soon several new projects with Ovnimoon and Sidhartha. Mindstorm has a strong concept with each track, a detail lacking in much of todays dance music.

X-MODE (Tactic Rec, Israel)
X-Mode is the latest up and coming full on mega blasting psytrance project that makes you dance like an insane lunatic screaming GIVE ME MORE the whole time with your arms flailing around monkey style. Big clouds of dust seem to accompany their dance floors for some reason… could it be the music? You will have to wait and see since they have very few releases at the moment but a full heart and lots of creative energy to share. Expect some happy suprises!

AKROS (Mechanic Rec, MX)
Akros is a night time psy project from Tijuana, Mexico who is ready to share his harder more psychedelic style. It will expand your mind and pound your booty.
This will be Akros debut at a psytrance festival and he is excited to explode!  

Planewalker aka Epsylon began as a revelation from experiments applying sacred geometry to sound waves. The experiments revealed a powerful relationship between certain proportions of sound wave dimensions and the emotional effects felt by the listener. To utilize the power of these discoveries, compositions were crafted to shift the listener into a hypnotic state of mystical transcendence, allowing the perception of higher realms and facilitating a full reprogramming of the mind, body and spirit. The results were metamorphic. What began as a curious experiment has now become a passion and devotion to explore every nook and cranny of these sonic mysteries. Regular experiments continue to be preformed upon willing subjects on a mass scale.

PRIMORDIAL OOZE (GeoMagnetic, PsyCircle, Divine Balance WI)
The Primordial Ooze project was created by DJ's Kaiser Soze and S.O.T. Flowing sounds that seem to bubble and evolve like primitive life forms. These bundles of frequencies collaborate in a swarm like manner, creating intelligent patterns and movement. The Ooze sound creates a unique twist on the ever changing sound of psychedelic music.

ARAHAT (PsyCircle, SD)
Tom aka Hidroponik aka Arahat’s main interest in life is psychedelic music. His core passion is devoting as much time as he can, when not at his day job, to the creation of psychedelic trance music. He also has written original music for promotional video clips and have created specialized custom mixes for Fire Performance Troupes to use during their stage appearances. PsyCircle Studio's is also available for hire for Engineering purposes including mixdown and final mastering. Hit him up privately if you need some tracks touched up, remixed, or have a fresh project that you're trying to release with professional sound quality. He lives in southern California in sunny San Diego. A dj since 1995 and a producer since 2003, he grew up in the suburbs of Boston, MA and moved to San Diego back in 1997.

A musical production duo featuring Peter (Mystik) and David (Luminate) Loomis, two brothers currently based in San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR respectively. Formerly known as The Loomii, the two brothers fused their individual project monikers in 2007, creating a re-formed psychedelic project, and Mystik Luminate was born. Currently focused on electronic dance music, their sound reflects primary influences including psychedelic trance, techno, house, and extending into other genres like dub, metal, rock, country and bluegrass. Mystik Luminate have been producing music together, DJing and playing live shows of their all-original sound as The Loomii up and down the West Coast since early 2001. They started off performing live PAs of essentially minimal and progressive techno with the early roots of psychedelica. As their production turned more towards the studio, their sound evolved and their understanding of dance music songwriting solidified.

Featuring LIVE Dubstep/PsyBreaks/Techno/House/EDM sets by:

San Francisco based heavy hitter in the dubstep underworld delivers the goods time after time and has become somewhat of a legend for the steppers of the bay area. He has a prolific release schedule and is constantly playing at the dopest parties. Look out for lots more amazing hits to come from this non stop action junky!

Mr. ROGERS (Ooze System, GeoMagnetic, Bass-Star, Nevada City)
Mr. Rogers' brain is a fun place to visit, but you might not want to stay for too long lest you get stuck in the intricate, syncopated pulse that oozes from it. Crawling out from the swamps of Northern California, Mr. Rogers' has been sending his hand crafted sonic waves, out of the lush forests, slowly creeping down the mountains and rippling into the ears of unsuspecting, eardrums worldwide. Big things coming up... stay tuned :)

ZAPPER (Full Melt, SF/Grass Valley)
Zapper = Filthy Frequencies meet Hard Beats in a unique live performance. Known for his insane renegade parties and crazy onstage antics, Zapper has been creating Havok on dance floors for the past eight years straight. Rocking parties all across the United States and Europe. Using only Drum machines Synths, and samplers to produce Bass heavy electonic music live.... Zapper is a composer/ performer/ musician/ scientist and not a DJ, allthough his presentation is quite similar to what a DJ does. The reason is because the music is improvised and performed live. Using hardware for it's dedicated operation, phatt sound and full-on tactile control surface. Using computers for live multi-track sequencing, recording, complex sampling, visuals and lighting control. While keeping the focus on "Frequency Tunage". So, by keeping the elements separate and at the fingertips this allows to work directly with the "Biofeedback" that is received from the people on the dance floor. So come and join Zapper for a night of live improvised electronic music created for the dance floor on the dance floor to inspire movement all night long.  

The Spit Brothers' goal is to make their audience dance through the fusion of the sound of the studio and the excitement and expressiveness of live performance.
Bakir and Dubsworth came together in 2005 with their common backgrounds in instrumental performance and music production to form the San Francisco based band The Spit Brothers. The vision of the group is to incorporate elements of dub, afro-beat, jungle, and electronica into their music. Their live set is a combination of improvised and sequenced moments created through loop manipulation and re-arrangement, and dub fading. Both producers will also perform on several instruments including trumpet, bass, guitar, drums, organ, synthesizer, and melodica.

POM aka EARTHSTEPPA (Rootabreakas, L.A.)
It all started with the drums at a very young age which developed into a passion for all types of music and instruments……PoM incorporates this into his current production under the alias EarthSteppa. With a focus on bringing together raga-dub sounds, tight high hats, snares and bass PoM is quickly becoming ‘one to see’ and is known as a crowd pleaser.  As a member of the Rootabreaka crew he has traveled and gained further exposure along the west coast and is now spreading his new production as EarthSteppa under the Cyphertown affiliation, hailing from SF.  PoM aspires to continue to contribute to non-profit and various ‘aid’ groups and also will be debuting his own non-profit “ALL Life” by the summer of ’09.

MORPHATRIX (formerly Morphonix, VaporVent, SF/Australia) 
MorphATRIX - Off the Grid is a new divination of music and should be heralded as a genre melting masterpiece. L. Hoffman (aka Chromatone) blends aspects from a wide spectrum of styles to manifest a captivating spirit journey, haunted by the serene voice of Irina Mikhailova. Luscious and dreamy atmospherics soar over a mountainous landscape of buoyant bass lines. Gargantuan grooves and playful percussions dance within majestic melodies and swirling psychedelics. Listeners will find themselves more enchanted with every play of this futuristic album. Produced in the magic vibe of both San Francisco and Ibiza. Cover art by Christine Web, painted in the studio of Robert Venosa.

The art of using sound frequency & a musical vibration that resonates within the human experience: this energy is then interpreted through booty-shaking, body-rocking & phenomenal dancing skills, an alchemy that the most savvy and hipster music lovers can appreciate. ◆Energy Alchemist is a collaborative musical talent that is designed to cross genres ranging from electronic, metal, rock, dance, world, industrial and tribal; fusing sounds to create a whole new audio experience. Bill, Tommy & Dennis currently play in a melodic- metal band called Definition Unknown, ( and have been influenced heavily by a variety of metal bands that have taken their personal musical expertise to the next level. From their myriad of backgrounds, they have formed Energy Alchemist in a successful attempt to write and create their own music and sound that unfolds as a psychedelic dub-step meets glitchy trip-hop innovation. Energy Alchemist currently writes music & plays live for a circ-fire-dance troupe, Luminesque.

OUTERSECT (Aleph Zero, Hearts Eye Rec, East Bay)
Outersect (Rob Rayle) fuses electronic and ethnic music that pays little attention to borders or authenticity, a blend of geographically disparate elements that nevertheless work together as a unified whole.

ABDTCN (Bass-Star, Insomniac, Visalia/SF)
ABDCTN is Jeremiah Allen Welch and John Adam Espinoza, collaborating since 2007.  Jeremiah is a conceptual visionary artist and producer who was raised in the entertainment industry and John is a professional audio engineer who has been a part of many bands and music projects since 2003. Their influence is both audio and visual, a mix of visionary art and cutting edge electronic music spanning many genres from trance to hip hop, downtempo to psychedelic breaks. ABDCTN is now residing in San Francisco, CA putting all of their energy into making ABDCTN a fully interactive experience which stimulates all the senses.  Currently abducting your eyes and ears with a combination of live painting and live pa, ABDCTN blurs the boundaries between art and music. Currently accepting all applications for ABDCTZ.

BIRD OF PREY (Vapor Vent, GeoMagnetic, SF)
Bird of Prey is the psybreaks project of San Francisco bay area native Torin Goodnight. Creating electronic music for close to a decade, he has developed a unique take on various influences. His music is an attempt to hybridize various genre’s, fusing the swirling sensibilities of psychedelic sound with hard hitting dub and breaks vibes. Combining aggressive basslines, twisted leads, and colorful atmospheres to create a diverse, immersive soundscape.

NOV SANUS (GeoMagnetic, PsyCircle, Divine Balance WI)
For the past 10 years Joe Schaeffer has been perfecting his sound working in the studio and playing parties around Northern California. A few years ago he set out to create music with slower tempos that could hypnotize and move the audience. Waves of the Dreamworld is the fruition of several years of writing, playing out, and experiencing great psychedelic music. So close your eyes, crank up your sound system and see what visions come from this album! The debut album from Nov-Sanus (Joe Schaeffer) aka Digital Space is a journey through the tangled synapses of the subconscious. The album flows from one track to the next with a wobbly, hypnotic swagger through the shifting canvas of a dream. A variety of different genres fuse to make a juxtaposed soup of beats. Organic and synthetic sounds mix to put a new spin on the psychedelic spectrum.  So relax! This is music to dance like nobody is watching.

LOKESH (Bass-Star, Goa-Records, SJ)
Lokesh aka Tranzatma, born in New Delhi, currently lives, DJs and produces music in San Francisco, California. His genre defying music includes Indian/World Fusion, Ethnic Electronica, Progressive Trance, Psytrance, Dubstep and Drum-N-Bass. His music transcends geographical or cultural boundaries, and mixing eastern and western sounds seamlessly comes naturally to him. His compositions tell a story which is both mysterious and in-your-face. As part of a few Bay Area collectives (including Geomagnetic, Vishnu Operative and Ultraviolet Carnival), Lokesh has collaborated with many musicians in San Francisco. He has performed all over the Bay area including the legendary 1015 Folsom, Supperclub, Burning Man Festival, Kellys, Shine etc. He has shared the stage with international artists like Karsh Kale, Chebi Sabbah, Doctor Spook, Tall Sasha, Micropixie etc. His tracks and sets have been featured on BBC Asia Network, World Fusion Radio and UTOPIA is the first full-length album from Lokesh. It’s a concept album with heavy Ethnic, Rock and Electronica influences. As a follow-up to the successful Soul Rush EP by Lokesh, Utopia blurs the line between various electronic music genres, especially Trance, Drum-N-Bass, Dubstep, Progressive House and Indian/World Electronica. And its message is loud and clear - Music is the new universal language that’s ever-evolving.

KALI  (Bass-Star, GeoMagnetic, SF)
A classically trained musician Colin aka Kali learned to read music at the age of 8. He was playing in jazz combos doing be-bop and standards by the age of 13, professionally at 17. Kali studied jazz extensively with Rick Messina. Kali attended the Royal College of Music in London where he studied with Jakob Lindberg, and the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Basel Switzerland, where he studied with Hopkinson Smith and Eugen Dombois. Kali is an expert in Baroque music and has recorded the suites for lute in C minor and E major by J. S. Bach, and major pieces by Francisco Tarrega and Matteo Carcassi. Kali has given solo recitals in London, France, and Switzerland and has played live on the radio in California and France. Kali has recorded original music in many styles from dub to hip hop to electronica to progressive as well as his own unique creation "Swamp Sound System" a blend of blues dub and electronics with a cinematic americana flavor. Kali has recorded & played all over the United States with many groups including: Swamp Sound System, Drink & Food, Sharkbait, Mr. Lucky, Supertroll, Alter Ego, Funk Dub Division, and President’s Breakfast.The latest from composer/producer genius and virtuoso guitarist KALI is an amazing groundbreaking masterpiece of beautiful compositions for traditional instruments playing dance-floor styled jams.

KONVNDRVM (Bass-Star, GeoMagnetic, SF)
Johann is a Bay Area local who has created a reputation for himself as a full power dance floor lunatic and capable psytrance dj / Downtempo-Trance producer. Expect a full set of his own creations as well as some epic remix material.

DAT GIRL (Hollywood, CA)
Where Ancient meets Android, where Epic turns Comic, where Chaos battles Order::: here you will find the lyrical creations and sonic manipulations of DATGIRL -- Producer/Performer&MC, bringin dirty alien robot goddess frequencies in a live hardware set designed to inspire spontaneous debauchery and mad korgasms. Also a highly acclaimed comedy writer/performer with knack for incredible character transformations, DATGIRL has performed three solo shows with over thirty different characters across the country; her favorite press is from the San Francisco Bay Guardian -- “like being in the hall of mirrors in an acid-flashback funhouse”, “ her face and limbs seem to be made out of rubber.” Find her on, she’s easy but not cheap.

MYSTIK (Power House, SF)
Mystik is the audio production project and DJ persona of veteran recording artist Peter Loomis. Now living in San Francisco, Peter has been producing and performing all-original dance tracks and remixes since 2000. Current recording projects are focused on progressive house, tech house, electro house, techno, psychedelic trance, deep house, downtempo electronica and cinematic concept pieces. Starting out as a house, techno & progressive DJ in New York, Mystik progressed into dance production when he moved West to live in San Francisco, CA and began a project called THE LOOMII with his brother and long-time musical partner Dave (aka Luminate). The Loomii have been releasing self-published EPs and singles on Geomagnetic Records, gathering momentum towards their debut album release which will be released under their renamed project name MYSTIK LUMINATE giving expression to each contributors' musical identities for their album and future releases. Mystik is also a resident DJ with Radio Explore, an online radio station based out of San Francisco. He performs regularly every other Thursday evening during a live online broadcast that occurs between 6 PM - 12 PM PST. For more information check out: .

DENISE  (Misumo Music, SF)
DJ Denise has been an integral part of the San Francisco club & underground scene since 1998, DJing shows on a weekly basis as well as hosting the annual Sound Asylum series. Nowadays when you catch her playing a set, you're more than likely to hear funky house to tech house to electro house to anything in between, so long as it's got that groove! Denise founded the house label Mizumo Music in 2005 and has since been releasing original productions and remixes along with quality music from artists like Raoul Zerna, Groove Man, The Funk Monkeys, Mike Balance, DJ Rage, Thee-O, Angel Alanis, Sharooz, Ricardo Reyna, DRC, Calvertron...

RIPPLE (Full Melt Rec, SF)
DJ Ripple has been spinning records and producing electronic music since the early 90's. He has become known for his unique vision & blending of the various subwoofer focused music styles. Dubstep, Grime and Sublow beats get mashed together in his bass-line fueled DJ sets. With a finely tuned ear and a finger on the pulse of the underground, his sets are guaranteed to deliver a full-on dance floor rinse-out. He is also the owner of Full Melt Recordings, a Dubstep record label based in Northern California. As a producer he has tracks featured on Bay Area Dubstep 01 and B.A.D. volume 02, compilations of San Francisco Bay Area dubstep producers. He has had vinyl releases on MODE Records (Mode 06), Z-Audio (FMR 001) and on the DJ Ghostdogg albums "The End of Everything" and "The Beginning of the End". He has performed alongside the top names in the industry, played every major club is San Francisco and is a regular performer in the American electronic festival scene.

CHLOROPHIL  (Bass-Star, GeoMagnetic, SF)
Phil is a relentless chill out DJ and producer focused on making intricate remixes and original creations with lots of psychedelic mahem Downtempo elements as well as deep heartfelt melodies and spacious grooves.

BUDDATECH (AquaFur vs Jovis, Linear Flow Music, SF)
Raven Waterjuice aka Aquafur and Jovis from Shiva Space Subcontractor make up this funky conflagaration of organic wisdom and unconventional psylosophy to create a non stop pleasure fest in your frontal lobe! Get ready for  a new level of relaxed excitement.

and more!



DJS: (Psytrance,Progressive,Goa)

Dr. Spook(Geomagnetic/Spun, S.F.)

Sausee (Galaxy Unknown, EastBay)

Michael Liu (Pisces ‘10, SJ)

Tandava (CCC, SF)

Liam Shy (Tantra, SF)

Officer Bunch (Saturated Mind, SF)

Spyros (Psytribe, LA)

Atum (AstralMind, SF)

Takuan TPR (T.o.u.c.h. Samadhi, Ukiah)

Violet Aura (MOC, Ukiah)

Dizzy (Galaxy Unknown, North Bay)

Insanix (3D Vision/Mechanic, San Diego/Mexico)

Ishaan (Reckless Rhythm/3rd Eye, India)

Digital Paradigm (Power House, SF)

Goldilox (StarCamp, Shasta)

Gatto Matto (Green Sector, SF)

Inner-G (Hadra Rec, France/SF)

Psylotus (Synchronize, East Bay)

Daniel Wade (Psy-Valley,Monteray)

LeoHawk (Ultraviolet Carnival, SF)

Infinite Sun (Sonic Beating, Boston/SF)

Psynthetic (G.O.A. Play, North Bay)

Psychic (G.O.A. Play, East Bay)

Tony In-Orbit (Symbiosis, East Bay)

Gitsi vs R.E.L. (Geo-Israel, SJ)

Christine (Vaporvent/Mandala, SC)

Saturnia (Phoenix Family, SM)

DJ Eep (Phoenix Family, Eugene)

Gatti (aka Eran, SJ)

Psidhrian AKA Liquid Sound Distortion

Arwin (Straylight, SJ)

Greenman (Psycircle)

TEHUTI (Ultraviolet Carnival, SC/Japan)


DJS: (Dubstep/House/Breaks/Electro/EDM)

PLUMLOCO (Full Melt, SF)

Mykies McFilthy (Grass Valley)


BOGGLE (Symbiosis)

RIPPLE (Full Melt Rec)

Reclipse (Trauma, East Bay)

G.A.M.M.A. (Still Dream, Sacramento)

Denise (Misumo Music)

Loryn(Misumo Music)


ClyMax (GeoMagnetic, East Bay)

Dutch (Opulent Temple, SF)

Wyse (Green Sector, LA)



Cody vs Dr. Who





Conan aka Thomas Cruzio (Symbiosis, SF)

Andy P

Manny (*TBC) (Green Sector, LA)

Belinda vs Ronen (Psy vs DnB battle)

Andy Tie Die (Phoenix Family, North Bay)

St.Carl vs Steve (Phoenix Family, East Bay)

Friday: Forest Stage (psytrance) Friday: Plateau Stage (electro/house, techno, EDM + More)
4 am        Psidhrian (Liquid Sound Distortion, SF)
  5 pm  Dj Eep (Eugene, OR)
  6 pm Gitsi vs R.E.L. (Israel)   6 pm Cody Vs Dr. Who (Galaxy Raver)
  7 pm  Gotti aka Eran (Israel)   7 pm 
  8 pm Saturnia (Phoenix Family, SF)   8 pm Clymax (Power House)
  9 pm   Violet Aura  (MOC, Potter Valley)   9 pm   Digital Paradigm (Power House)
  10 pm   Takuan TPR (T.O.U.C.H. Samhadi)   10 pm   Sychosis (Love + Honor / Love All Stars)
  11 pm   PRIMORDIAL OOZE (T.O.U.C.H. Samhadi)   11 pm   Dutch (Opulent Temple)
  12 am Michael Liu  (Pisces ‘10, SJ   12 am Andy P (Nocturnalism/Earwacks)
  1 am PLANEWALKER (GeoMagnetic, Oregon)   1 am DJ Denise (Misumo Music)
  2 am Psylotus  (Synchronize, SF)   2 am Loryn (Misumo Music)
  3 am  Insanix  (Mechanic/3D Vision, Mexico)   3 am  G.A.M.M.A. (Stilldream)
  4 am  Greenman (Psycircle Rec, San Diego)   4 am  Dexx (Nocturnalism/Earwacks)
  5 am ARAHAT (Psycircle, San Diego, SD)   5 am Atom One (National Entity, Sacramento)
  6 am LIMBRETIMBRE (Psycircle, San Diego, SD)   6 am Tony in-Orbit (Symbiosis)
  7 am Inner G  (Hadra Rec, France)   7 am Thomas Cruzio (aka Conan) (Symbiosis)
  8 am Daniel Wade  (Psyvalley, Medesto)   8 am Wyse or Diplomatic (Green Sector) (or Power House)
  9 am Leo Hawk  (Ultraviolet Carnival, Russia/SF)   9 am Chlorophil (Bay Area Folks)
  10 am Infinite Sun  (Fractal Tribe, Boston)   10 am ABDCTN (Bass Star Rec)
  11 am Christine  (VaporVent, Santa Cruz)   11 am Lokesh (Bass Star Rec)
  12 pm Dizzy  (Galaxy Unknown, Benicia)
Saturday: Forest Stage (dub, dubstep, breaks, groove) Saturday: Plateau Stage (psytrance)
 4pm        BUDDHA TECH (Linear Flow/CCC)   4 pm        Psychic (G.O.A. Play)
  5 pm  OUTERSECT (Hearts Eye/Aleph Zero)   5 pm  AQUAFUR (CCC, Linear Flow, S.F.)
  6 pm Plumloco (Full Melt Rec)   6 pm Psynthetic (G.O.A. Play)
  7 pm  DAT Girl (Dat Girl Beatz, LA)   7 pm  SONIC SPECIES (Alchemy, U.K.)
  8 pm NOV SANUS (Hearts Eye Rec)   8 pm Atum  (Space Elevator, BM)
  9 pm   BIRD OF PREY (Vaporvent/GeoMagnetic)   9 pm   RANDOM ROBOT (GeoMagnetic, SF)
  10 pm   Reclipse (Trauma)   10 pm   Liam Shy (Tantra, S.F.)
  11 pm   Neal (CCC)   11 pm   Spyros  (Psytribe, L.A.)
  12 am POM (RootaBreaks)   12 am X-MODE (Tactic Rec, Israel)
  1 am ZAPPER (Full Melt Rec)   1 am Goldilox  (StarCamp.Org)
  2 am ANTISERUM (Full Melt Rec)   2 am FROST RAVEN (Geomagnetic, NorCal)
  3 am  SPITT BROTHERS (Full Melt Rec)   3 am  Sausee  (Galaxy Unknown)
  4 am  Ripple (Full Melt Rec)   4 am -5:30 CHROMATONE (Nano, U.K./S. Africa)
  5 am Satchi Om (Full Melt Rec)   5:30 - 6:30 MINDSTORM aka Dr. Spook  (Geomagnetic/SPUN, S.F.)
  6 am Mr. ROGERS (Ooze System/GeoMagnetic)   6:30 am X- NOIZE  (HOMmega, Israel)
  7 am Mykies McFilthy   7 am
  8 am ENERGY ALCHEMIST (Bass Star/MOC)   8 am LOGIC BOMB  (Solstice/Tip)
  9 am Boggle (Symbiosis)   9 am
  10 am DJ Acu   10 am Tandava  (CCC, S.F.)
  11 am JenEye (CCC)   11 am Gatto Matto  (Green Sector, L.A.)
  12 pm TRANAN (Logic Bomb DJ) (Solstice/Tip)   12 pm Mystic Luminate  (Geomagnetic, NorCal)
  1 pm          1 pm        Officer Bunch  (Saturated Mind, S.F.)
  2 pm  Psymbiotek Tag Team   2 pm  SFDATMAN  (CCC, S.F.)
  3 pm   3 pm Fireheart (CCC, S.F.)

The Garden Stage, River Stage and Saloon Stage Time-Line-Ups will be announced at the event. Performers: KALI, LORAX, HELIOS, TEHUTI, CHRIS TOBAL, BELINDA vs RONEN, St. CARL vs STEVE, ANDY TIE DIE, KENNY and many more will be blasting us with amazing music...


and lots more~!

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So Please Stay Tuned...