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Maiia303 - Sky In Diamonds [ovnicd093]
(Ovnimoon Records)

Maiia303 - Sky In DiamondsOVNICD093


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Maiia303 - Sky In Diamonds [ovnicd093] - (Ovnimoon Records)     
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Title: Sky In Diamonds       
Artist: Maiia303        
Label: Ovnimoon Records, sub of Goa rec
Genre: Progressive Goa-Trance   
Catalogue: OVNICD093    
Format: 2 Panel JewelCase CD   
Barcode: 881034133519   
Release: September 2014

01 - Maiia303 - Sunday Morning
02 - Maiia303 - Duality
03 - Maiia303 - Sky In Diamonds
04 - Maiia303 - Moonlight Pixies
05 - Maiia303 - Go Ask Yourself
06 - Maiia303 - Universe
07 - Maiia303 - Atman
08 - Maiia303 - Neverland
09 - Maiia303 - Glory

Release Notes:

Ovnimoon Records team truly is excited and honored to present…
Sky In Diamonds, the fourth album from Alla Vagner, known as Maiia Project. The numbers 303, added to the name of the project means that it’s the same Maiia, but now closer to goa-trance and progressive style. Most know that the main instrument for all goa-trance producers was the legendary Roland TB303, you will hear this iconic instrument in every track of Maiia303's album Sky In Diamonds. The album consists of 9 tracks in different styles, starting with soft Sunday Morning in 120 bpm, continuing through 135 bpm melodic progressive goa-trance and ending with downtempo track in 7/8 time signature, Glory. Besides a lot of amazing synths and groovy rhythms live bass by Helen Bass provides parts in some of the tracks.

Label Profile:
Ovnimoon Records is a new label founded in 2010 based in Chile as an independent sub-label of Goa Records. Ovnimoon is the visionary producer whose name sake the label was based upon. All the music released with this imprint has passed his approval as true high quality gems of psychedelic goa trance. Expect only the top shelf selections worthy of the best collections and praised by the most noteworthy DJs in the world.

Goa Records is now a well-established label founded in 2006 based in California/USA. Focused on finding the very best of the worlds leading psy-trance and goa-trance hits and compiling these into a highly commercialized package suitable for mainstream distribution outlets. Expect a steady stream of high quality, cutting edge releases from this already amazingly popular new label.
Written&produced by Alla Vagner (tracks # 3 and 5 - with Edward Cybered), guitar by Mikhail Finogenov (tracks # 2, 9), bass by Helen Bass (tracks #1,3)
Mastered by Edward Cybered in Manifold Mastering Studio
Cover design by Olis:
Distribution by Psyshop & Geomagnetic Distribution
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